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This article is about a/an recurring plot element in the Kamen Rider Series.
All Primary Rider Final Form

Every primary Kamen Rider's main Final Form from Kuuga to Gaim

All Secondary Rider Final Form

Every secondary Kamen Rider's main Final Form from G3 to Beast

In every installment of the Kamen Rider series in the Heisei Era, at least one Kamen Rider gains a form that is statistically more powerful or thematically more important, called a Final Form. This is typically reserved for the titular Kamen Rider, but other, non-titular Riders have also obtained a Final Form.

The predecessor of the Final Forms came from the Showa-Era Rider, Kamen Rider Stronger, with his Charge Up form.

The name comes from Kamen Rider Decade, where Decade accessed the nine previous main Kamen Riders' (from Kuuga to Kiva) Final Forms in cards called "Final Kamen Ride" Cards while in his own Final Form.

In recent years, several Kamen Riders have gone on to, usually in movies, access forms that are even further advanced from the Final Form.

By series

Kamen Rider Stronger

Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kamen Rider Agito

Kamen Rider Ryuki

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Kamen Rider 555

Kamen Rider Blade

Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Kamen Rider Den-O

Kamen Rider Kiva

Kamen Rider Decade

Kamen Rider W

Kamen Rider OOO

Kamen Rider Fourze

Kamen Rider Wizard

Kamen Rider Gaim

Kamen Rider Drive


Rider Cards

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Wizard Rings



  • In the Showa era, instead of an accessible transformation, the Riders gain a permanent upgraded form in the middle of the series.
  • The Final Forms of pre-Decade Primary Riders usually contain one of three colors {red, gold, or black), while every post-Decade Primary Rider uses any other possible color scheme for their's. The Secondary Riders' Final Forms usually have the color blue somewhere in their design (Chalice, Zeronos, and Birth are the only exceptions).
  • Kaixa, Ibuki, and Baron are the only Secondary Riders without a Final Form.
    • Kaito's Over Lord form, Lord Baron, would act as the equivalent of Final Form. However, it is a monster form as opposed to a Rider form.
  • Since Faiz's Final Form uses a satellite to transform, that would mean Faiz shouldn't be able to transform in alternate dimensions without external help.

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