This article is about a/an recurring plot element in the Kamen Rider Series.

Kamen Rider Ghost's 5 main forms, known as Damashii

In certain Kamen Rider Series, there are Riders that can alternate between forms to analyze their opponents fighting style to find out their weaknesses and gain an advantage in combat.

All Riders with certain form sets are listed here.

Kamen Rider Black RX/Saban's Masked Rider

Kamen Rider Black RX/Masked Rider

  • Black RX/Masked Rider (Primary)
  • Robo Rider/Super Gold
  • Bio Rider/Super Blue

Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kamen Rider Agito

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Kamen Rider Den-O

Kamen Rider Kiva

  • Kamen Rider Ixa
    • Save Mode (Default) (Primary on 1986, Briefly on 2008)
    • Burst Mode (Primary on 2008 - onwards)

Kamen Rider W

Kamen Rider OOO

  • Kamen Rider OOO
    • Tatoba Combo (Primary)
    • Gatakiriba Combo
    • Latorartar Combo
    • Sagohzo Combo
    • Shauta Combo

Kamen Rider Fourze

Kamen Rider Wizard

Kamen Rider Gaim

Kamen Rider Drive

Kamen Rider Ghost

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Kamen Rider Build

  • Kamen Rider Build
    • RabbitTank Form
    • GorillaMond Form
    • HawkGatling Form
    • NinninComic Form
    • RocketPanda Form
    • FireHedgehog Form
    • LionCleaner Form
    • KeyDragon Form
    • KaizokuRessha Form
    • OctopusLight Form

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