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Kaningerjin (カニンガージン Kaningājin, 10): A crab Neo-Shocker cyborg.


He was first send to an oil refinery in the Keihin Industrial Complex, killing off any non-Neo-Shocker personnel in the area so the Ari Commandos can place dynamite under the complex to blow it up. However, a young boy named Takumi Kamiyama witnessed it and Kaningerjin attempted to silence him and three other boys. Managing to lure Sky Rider away from where the boys and the time bomb are located, Kaningerjin fights the Kamen Rider before his claw is broken. Skyrider then uses his Sky Kick to destroy Kaningerjin before disarming the bomb.

Among other Neo-Shocker cyborgs, Kaningerjin's destruction at the hands of Skyrider was reviewed by Neo-Shocker Scientist Professor Doc, in order to analyse the Rider's data. You Did It! The End of G-Monster


Kaningerjin can shoot acid foam from the claw on his left arm.

Video game appearances

Kamen Rider (FM-7)


Kamen Rider on FM-7.

Kaningerjin is featured on the cover of the FM-7 Kamen Rider game.

Behind the scenes


Kaningerjin was voiced by Tetsuya Kaji and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.