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This article is about a/an main ally in Kamen Rider Kuuga.
Kaoru Ichijo
Kaoru Ichijo.jpg
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Officer
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Revival
Last Appearance: Yusuke
Number of Episode
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Actor: Shingo Katsurayama

Kaoru Ichijo (一条 薫 Ichijō Kaoru): The police inspector who is leading operative of the Science Police force formed for fighting the Gurongi. He is one of Yusuke's most trusted allies, often providing him with equipment and forensic research.


Ichijo was born on April 18, 1974. On his tenth birthday, his father, also a police officer, drowned trying to save people who had fallen in a river. As an adult, Ichijo would return home to his mother on his birthday to spend time with her, as she worked as a nurse and often works holidays. Like his father, Ichijo is a model policeman who firmly believes in doing the right thing. Though he is very strict with himself, he will do everything he can, even bend police rules, to help Yusuke fight the Gurongi. After the Gurongi were defeated, Ichijo returns to Nagano.


Ichijo is a dedicated, hard-working policeman. He puts his job and duty above his personal life, and is almost always working. Despite this, he is friendly and insightful.

Kamen Rider Decade: The World of Tsukasa Kadoya ~The Garden Inside the Lens~

In the novel which is the reimagination of the TV Series, Ichijo is the only person to acknowledge Yusuke/Kuuga as an ally to humanity though the rest of the police forces consider Kuuga as a threat. Kamen Rider Decade: The World of Tsukasa Kadoya ~The Garden Inside the Lens~

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