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Killbas (キルバス Kirubasu) is the older brother of the late Evolto, the last known remaining member of the Blood Tribe, and is the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z.[1] Killbas is able to transform into Kamen Rider Killbas (仮面ライダーキルバス Kamen Raidā Kirubasu) using the Build Driver and seeks vengeance for his brother's death.

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Killbas is portrayed by Gaku Shindo (進藤 学 Shindo Gaku), who is best known for his role as BarizorgIcon-crosswiki from Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerIcon-crosswiki. His voice in-suit is provided by Anri Katsu (勝 杏里 Katsu Anri). As Kamen Rider Killbas, his suit actor is unknown.


  • Killbas' spider motif finished the last part of the recurring bat/cobra/spider trio in the Kamen Rider franchise, a tribute to the first two Shocker monsters as well as the first monster to be upgraded, following Blood Stalk's cobra motif and Night Rogue's bat motif.
  • Killbas will most likely be the final movie-exclusive Kamen Rider to debut in Heisei Era considering the era ends a week after the film's release date.
  • Like previous V-Cinema Exclusive riders they are made up of parts from previous or current rider suits, his helmet used Blood Stalk, Night Rogue/MadRogue's helmet based, Blood Stalk's shoulders and gauntlets, armpit armor taken from either Blood Stalk, Night Rogue/MadRogue suit painted black, as well as some parts from the Hazard Body for the feet and shins.
  • It seems that Kamen Rider Killbas’ general design also takes cues from Kamen Rider Saver, besides what’s listed above; a primarily red color scheme and that he supposedly dual-wields a sword and a bow-and-arrow weapon in battle.


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