This article is about a/an ally in Saban's Masked Rider.

King Lexian is Dex's grandfather who gave him the power to become Masked Rider because he became far too old to carry on the responsibility. The king tries to guide Dex along his journey when he is on Earth. He shows Dex that he can create his own allies to help him defeat the evil Count Dregon, his own son and Dex's uncle. He's also the one who sends Donais to Earth to give Dex the powers of Super Gold and Super Blue. The King cannot visit Dex on earth but he can appear to him in a spirit form to guide Dex. He did visit Dex once when Santa granted Dex's wish of wanting to be with his family.

King Lexian also built Alpha 5 who had been assisting Zordon years before Dex began his mission on Earth.