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Kougami Foundation

The Kougami Foundation's logo.

The Kougami Foundation (鴻上ファウンデーション Kōgami Faundēshon), also refered to simply as the Foundation (財団 Zaidan), is a mysterious organization and multi-purpose company that has been researching the Greeed ever since they acquired the sarcophagus holding them and the Medals at their Kougami Art Museum. As a result, they developed many Cell Medal-powered items, such as the Ridevendor and the Medajalibur. When the Greeed finally awaken and they realize that Kamen Rider OOO has become active, they begin to assist Kamen Rider OOO in his fight against the Greeed and Yummy.


  • Kousei Kougami: Chairman
  • Erika Satonaka: Secretary
  • Shintaro Goto: Leader of first squad motorcycle brigade, as well as the second Kamen Rider Birth
  • Akira Date: Cell Medal collector and first Kamen Rider Birth, later he became user of Kamen Rider Birth Prototype.
  • Kiyoko Maki: Former scientist that developed the Birth Driver, as well as other weapons. Later left and became the Kyoryu Greeed.
  • Eiji Hino: Temporary researcher. After the series finale, he travels the world to find a way to fix Ankh's broken Taka Medal and was revealed in Movie War Mega Max that his research and travel expenses are funded by the Foundation in exchange for his research data that he finds.

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