This article is about a/an movie-exclusive character in Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider W.

Kozo Yaguchi (矢口 孝三 Yaguchi Kozo) is a character appearing in Movie War Core: Skull: Message to Double as the manager of his company, Yaguchi Talent Agency


Yaguchi has a seedy nature, selling his clients as guinea pigs for the Museum's Gaia Memory experiments. He however appears to be close to his wife as she angrily questioned Sokichi Narumi about her husband being a suspect for the Spider Man case.


Yaguchi had been selling his agency's clients to be Gaia Memory test subjects. Sokichi snuck into his agency one day with help from an informant named Stone and found the people from Yaguchi's agency that went missing. After a fight with the Spider and Bat Dopants, Sokichi cornered Yaguchi and questioned if he was the Bat Dopant, but Yaguchi explained what he really did and his wife showed up to defend him. But his wife was implanted with the Spider Dopant's Spider Bomb which killed Yaguchi.