This article is about a/an illegal item in Kamen Rider W.

The Living Connector Setting Operation Gun (生体コネクタ設置手術器 Seitai Konekuta Setchi Shujutsu Ki, (abbreviated as L.C.O.G)), also called the Connect Shooter (コネクトシューター Konekuto Shūtā) is a device used by high ranking members of the Museum to transform a human into a Dopant. It has been thought to be lost after the final events in Kamen Rider W, but it seems that Foundation X has another one in their possession.


The L.C.O.G works by inserting a Gaia Memory into a slide compartment and then by placing the other end to the skin it produces the USB-port-like Living Connector. It can be used again on the same body, as demonstrated by Shinkuro Isaka, but this abuse of the Gaia Memories can result in the user fading away when the Gaia Memory is destroyed.

Side Effects

If a multiple humans without an L.C.O.G use a same Gaia Memory, it can cause a deep sore pain on the place the Gaia Memory was placed.