This article is about a/an character in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.
Lacey has been Maya's best friend since they were young. While Maya is focused on conspiracy interests, Lacey is more concerned about fashion, partying, and boys. Lacy frequently attempts to get Maya involved into her interests, but without much luck. She is very skeptical and non-believing about the Kamen Riders, until she witnesses it and fears for Maya's safety and steals her information with a Flas Disk from Michelle Walsh. When Maya finds out what Lacey did, she feels betrayed but forgives her and deletes all the info off her computer. When her friends stay to help the Kamen Riders in the No-Men base, Lacey goes back to her normal life. After Xaviax is killed, she was in charge of the clothing section of the new Grace's mega store.

Lacey is portrayed by Marisa Lauren.

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