This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A robotic Insectovore that impersonated Dex's driving instructor Mr. Li (portrayed by Billy Matsuda too). He can attack with his laser cannon arm and shoot a red beam from the red part of his head. Passing off as Mr. Li, Larvatron tried to run Dex over, but Dex held onto the car until he found a safe place to let go. After Larvatron dropped his disguise, Dex became Masked Rider and severed the robot's head with the Rider Kick. However, Larvatron had a backup head: a powerful four-way cannon. He fired the cannons on Dex, who then enlisted the aid of Combat Chopper. While on Combat Chopper, Dex managed to destroy him with his Electro Saber. Fits the category of Cycloptor's monsters.

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