This article is about a/an set of alternate forms in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Level 2 (レベル2 Reberu Tsū), often abbreviated as LV2, is the primary fighter form of the Ex-Aid Riders, which is activated by inserting their personal Rider Gashat and pulling the lever on the Gamer Driver. When transforming into Level 2 without a stock footage cutscene, a Rider's Level 1 faceplate becoming their Level 2 back armor causes them to be facing the opposite direction after the transformation than before it.


  • Kamen Rider Brave
    • Taddle Quest (Ex-Aid Episodes 2-4, "Tricks": Virtual Operations (Brave), Ex-Aid 5-10, Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider, "Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm (Legend Gamer Stage), Ex-Aid 11-13, 15, 16, 19, Brave: ~Let's Survive! Revival of the Beast Rider Squad!~, Ex-Aid 20, 22, Chou Super Hero Taisen)
    • Proto Taddle Quest (Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing)

  • Kamen Rider Lazer
    • Bakusou Bike (Ex-Aid Episode 4, "Tricks": Virtual Operations (Lazer), Ex-Aid 7, 8, 10, Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider)

Unused Sounds

Level 2 transformation phrases have been programmed into all DX Rider Gashats, including those of Level 3 and beyond. However, they have no confirmation regarding their presence in the show.

  • Shakariki Sports - "Gachan! Level Up! Shakariki, Shakariki! Ooh-ha! Shakariki, Shakariki Spo~rts!"
  • Gekitotsu Robots - "Gachan! Level Up! Gekitotsu Robot! Gekitotsu Robots!"
  • DoReMiFa Beat - "Gachan! Level Up! Bea~t! Beat, Beat, Bea~t! DoReMiFa Bea~t!"
  • Jet Combat - "Gachan! Level Up! Jet! Jet! Comba~t!"
  • Giri Giri Chambara - "Gachan! Level Up! Giri Giri no Chan Chan Bara Bara! Giri Giri Chambara!"
  • Drago Knight Hunter Z - "Gachan! Level Up! Drago~! Knight~! Drago~Knight Hunter!"
  • Dangerous Zombie - "Gachan! Level Up! Da-Dangerous Zombie! Da-Dangerous Zombie!"
  • Ju Ju Burger - "Gachan! Level Up! Buns ni Lettuce ni Tomato ni Cheese! Ju Ju Burger!"
  • Toki Meki Crisis - "Gachan! Level Up! Senobi Shitaikedo! Choppiri Tereruwa! Toki Meki Crisis!"
  • Kamen Rider Chronicle - "Gachan! Level Up! Ride~r Chronicle!"
  • Pac Adventure - "Gachan! Level Up! Pac Pac Pac-kun! Power Cookie! Pac Pac Pac-kun! Pac-Man!"
  • Famista - "Gachan! Level Up! Sports Kon Moyaseyo~ Korega Famista! Dokonjyo!"
  • Xevious - "Gachan! Level Up! Uchimakure! Xevious! Xevious! Solvalou Blaster! Xevious! Go!"
  • Taiko no Tatsujin - "Gachan! Level Up! Don! Don! Yo~i Don! Taiko no Tatsujin Don-ka-Don!"



  • Whatever a Rider transformation into Level 2, they all have their own unique phrase:
    • Ex-Aid (Emu Hojo): Great Transformation (大変身 Dai Henshin)
    • Brave (Hiiro Kagami): Skill Level 2 (術式レベル2 Jitsu-shiki Reberu Tsū)
    • Snipe (Taiga Hanaya): Tactics No.2 (第弐戦術 Daini Senjutsu)
    • Lazer (Kiriya Kujo): 2nd Gear! (二速 Ni-soku)
    • Genm (Kuroto Dan): Grade 2 (グレード2 Gurēdo Tsū)
  • In being slimmer "main" forms transformed from the bulky and less agile initial forms, they are similar to Rider Forms from Kamen Rider Kabuto.


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