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Level X (レベルX Reberu Ten/Ekkusu, "Level 10"), which can be doubled to Level XX (レベルXX Reberu Tsuentī/Daburu Ekkusu, "Level 20") in the case of Mighty Brothers XX, is an upgrade form of the Ex-Aid Riders, which is accessed through the use of a Level X Rider Gashat. Level X forms are far superior to the previous forms of the original 10 Gashats. It is also the first Level since Level 1 that can be taken directly from civilian form, though Level 2 is later seen to be attainable by opening the Driver cover early to skip Level 1.

In reality, as revealed by Kuroto, Level X's actual power is designated "unknown", meaning the power state of these forms can be implied to be either more powerful than any other Levels or still the lowest. Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind! Dangerous Zombie's Level X power can be increased by its user taking hits to "die" and revive, eventually causing a massive burst of energy upon one of Kuroto's transformations. Chasing the Mystery!

Level X can be accessed by Ex-Aid by inserting the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat into the Gamer Driver while the cover is closed (taking up both slots at once), and then opening the cover once. Ex-Aid's Level X form can also trigger finishing moves in this same manner, though how the equipment distinguishes the two commands is unclear. Chasing the Mystery! In the case of Genm, he inserts the Dangerous Zombie Gashat into the Buggle Driver and then presses the small red button next to the Gashat slot. Poppy does the same, using the Toki Meki Crisis Gashat and Buggle Driver II.

Through use of the Level X Dangerous Zombie and Level 0 Proto Mighty Action X Origin Gashats in the Gamer Driver, a combined Level X-0 is uniquely accessed by Kamen Rider Genm.


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  • In the Ganbarizing game, Genm has his own unique phrase when using Level X, usually a "leveled up" version of his Level 2 phrase: Grade X (グレードX Gurēdo Ten),[1] though he's never actually said this in the series proper so far. By contrast, Ex-Aid treats his Level X transformation like his Level 1's, merely saying his normal: Transform (変身 Henshin).
    • However, Ex-Aid modifies his Level 2 phrase when accessing Level XX or changing from a different form to Level X: Grea~~t Transformation (大ーー変身 Dai~~ Henshin). In addition, he waves each arm in a circle five times to represent ten.
    • Despite not heard in the show, Lazer's rarely Level X phrase when he uses Buggle Driver II to transform is Tenth Gear/Gear X! Transform! (十速/X速 変身 Ju-soku/Ekkusu-soku Henshin)
Level X Completed Data

Genm and Ex-Aid, acquiring the final data for their Level X Gashats.

  • Unlike other Levels for the most part, Level X forms include highly variable designs, such as a super deformed chibi, a design like a broken Level 2 Rider, and designs with no Rider Gauge.
    • While their design aesthetics are atypical of prior-Level forms, a constant is that their armor's appearance is similar to Level 2, with minor or significant design modifications
    • While Genm's usage of Dangerous Zombie in the Buggle Driver still displayed a Rider Gauge, Poppy's usage of the upgraded Driver produced armor that showed no signs of a Rider Gauge.
  • In the show itself, only Kamen Riders Ex-Aid, Genm, and Poppy can access Level X. Lazer will access Level X in Another Ending: Genm vs. Lazer.
    • For the human Level X Riders, the data that brought forth the creation of their Level X Gashats are both medically related, Death for Dangerous Zombie and DID for Mighty Brothers XX.
      • Poppy's case is similar, as she obtained her Tokimeki Crisis Gashat and Buggle Driver II while being under Lovelica's influence and with her original memories suppressed, her Rider Form will be equivalent to Posthypnotic amnesia.
    • Both of the first two Level X forms have Heterochromia (eyes of two different colors), another medical condition.
      • Though in Genm's case, this is only due to half of his red visor being broken off.
      • Although Poppy has both eyes of the same color, she has different color of eyes between her evil and good versions.
    • In addition, Genm and Ex-Aid used their own bodies to gather the final data for the completion of their respective Level X Gashats.
  • Although Level XX refers to Level 20, it also utilizes the fact that 20=10+10, as it turns out that each one of Ex-Aid's two Level XX bodies only has the power of Level 10, only giving the form Level 20's power between the two.
    • The designation of Level XX, in Ex-Aid's case, also comes from Mighty Brothers XX.
  • In addition to being the Roman numeral for 10, the "X" in "Level X" is also meant to mean the algebraic variable "x", which can represent any number.
Mighty Brothers XX Sketch

Young Emu sketching Mighty Brothers XX.

  • Mighty Brothers XX is the first game not designed by Genm Corp. or any game company in the Ex-Aid series. Instead, the protagonists and the game itself were both game ideas of Emu in which he had come up with during his childhood.
  • The Level X formed Riders are mostly the users of the Buggle Driver series, and most occasionally, the Bugsters after all Kamen Rider Chronicle primary components has been gathered.
  • All Level X Riders represent all Rider natures, Drivers, and transformations found in the series:
    • Protagonists and antagonists.
    • Bugsters and Humans.
    • Enemies and Allies, as well as defectors.
    • Gamer Driver, and both Buggle Driver generations used by all factions.
    • Open and Secretive of actual allegiance.
    • Forms that became accessed outside of the normal method (Genm's Level X-0 Zombie Action Gamer and Lazer's Level X Chambara Gamer).
    • Revived characters with either new base forms or alternate method of transformation.


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