This article is about a/an Undead in Kamen Rider Blade.
Lion Undead
Lion Undead
Episode: The Golden-Threaded Trap
Season: Kamen Rider Blade
Height: 216 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Actor: Tōru Ōmura
Lion Undead Rouze Card

Lion Undead (ライオンアンデッド Raion Andeddo): An Undead working for Isaka, the Lion Undead kidnaps the ideal candidates for the Leangle project. While kidnapping Mutsuki Kamijo, the Lion Undead confronts Blade and is forced to retreat. When the Lion Undead resumes his attack, he is sealed away by Blade.

The Lion Undead is a Category Three of the Spades Suit, and has the "Beat" ability which is a powerful straight punch. When Kenzaki initiates King Form, his sealed card attaches itself on Blade's right arm, allowing King Form to execute a Beat Punch without swiping the card.


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