This article is about a/an Undead in Kamen Rider Blade.
Lizard Undead
Lizard Undead
Episodes: A Desire to Get Stronger
Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace
Rider War
Rider War: Prologue
Season: Kamen Rider Blade
Height: 212 cm
Weight: 121 kg
Actor: Tōru Ōmura
Lizard Undead Rouze Card

The Lizard Undead (リザードアンデッド Rizādo Andeddo) appeared in the Tiger Undead's memory of the Battle Fight, where he was sealed by her. Other than being used as Blade's Slash Lizard, the Lizard Undead never appeared directly in the series.

Kamen Rider Decade

A Lizard Undead appeared as part of a group of several Undead which wrecked havoc as Natsumi Hikari was trapped within the changing dimensions during the destruction of the worlds. Rider War (episode)

The Lizard Undead of the World of Blade was among several Undead who fought alongside the Kamen Riders against the Riders and Fangire of the World of Kiva when their worlds were merged into the world of the Rider War. After it is revealed that the Undead had allied to Dai-Shocker along with the Fangire, they are destroyed alongside the remaining Fangire by Diend's Dimension Shoot. Rider War: Prologue

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