This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Black.

Longhorn beetle Mutant (カミキリ怪人 Kamikiri Kaijin) (11 & 12) is a longhorn beetle Gorgom monster.


Longhorn Beetle first appeared when the Gorugomes Fruits were becoming scarce.

Longhorn Beetle was later sent with the Bat Mutant to steal the Road Sector. Kamen Rider Black fended them off in the first battle. Gorgom let Kohtaro and Akira Daimon lead them to where the Road Sector is. Longhorn Beetle found them and attacked. Longhorn Beetle's weak spot is his head which is where Black used his Rider Kick on in order to kill this monster.

Longhorn Beetle Mutant appeared as one of the Phantom Mutants that are summoned by Fly Mutant through Yuki. It disappeared when Mokoto used his psychic powers to expel Fly Mutant from Yuki.Tokyo - Big Monster Gathering


It can use the twin antennae on its head as whips.

Video game appearances

Kamen Rider Black: Taiketsu Shadow Moon

The Longhorn Beetle Mutant is the sixth mutant opponent fought by Kamen Rider Black in the video game Kamen Rider Black: Taiketsu Shadow Moon.