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The Machine Beast Mothership Fog Mother (機械獣母艦フォッグ・マザー Kikaijū Bokan Foggu Mazā) is the main antagonist of Kamen Rider J, an alien parasite in a gold cybernetic battle fortress who sent her three oldest children, Garai, Zu, and Agito, to obtain the ideal human sacrifice for their "to-be-born" siblings to feed on before devouring the rest of the human race.

She is also the one who had been responsible for exterminating the dinosaurs by feeding them to her offspring 70 million years ago. Her machine-body can shoot bullets from the Gatling guns, shoot a laser from its right eye, emit circular-like saw-blades from its left eye, lower its pincers to grab, and emit legs from the torso to attack. She can feel pain if her machine is attacked.

After Garai was slain, Fog Mother attempted to digest J, but he used J Power to grow into a giant while killing her newborn spawn. He impaled her with his fist to pull out Kana. J got free from her and broke her pincers and legs before using a Jumbo Rider Kick to heavily damage her body as it starts to self detonate.

As a last effort to destroy J, she dragged him back into her body, but he got free and killed her with a Rider Punch before escaping as her machine body exploded.


Core of Fog Mother

The core of the Fog Mother

  • Height: 70 meters
  • Weight: 12000 tons


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