This article is about a/an rider machine in Kamen Rider Ghost.

The Machine Ghostriker (マシンゴーストライカー Mashin Gōsutoraikā, portmanteau of "Ghost" and "Striker") is Kamen Rider Ghost's Rider Machine. It is based on a Honda CRF250L.

It was originally Takeru Tenkuji's personal red motorcycle until Takeru took up the Kamen Rider title. Now, after Takeru transforms into Ghost, a horse ghost possesses it and activates its Rider Machine form.[1]

If it combines with the Captain Ghost, they can transform into the Iguana Ghostriker.



  • The Machine Ghostriker is similar to TryChaser 2000, which also has two activation forms and a combination form.
    • This is also the first Rider Machine since Shadow Chaser where said Rider Machine is originally/typically a normal motorcycle.
  • Similar to the Machine Massigler and Machinewinger, the Machine Ghostriker is able to combine with other vehicles to give its user extra functions. Especially comparable with the Machinewinger, due to both having reptilian-like giant forms.
  • It is the second Rider Machine to have the consciousness of a horse, similar to the Machine Kivaa (though the Machine Kivaa apparently has a horse Fangire's brain installed).