This article is about a/an villain in Kamen Rider Stronger.
Major Skull
Episodes: Remodelled Majin! The Delza Army Appears!!
Stronger's Great Remodelling!!
Season: Kamen Rider Stronger
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Actors: Ritsuo Sawa
Shun Yashiro
Keisuke Yamashita

Major Skull (ドクロ少佐 Dokuro Shōsa, 27, 30 & 31): A skull Cyborg Majin of the Delza Army.

Character History

He was destroyed by Stronger (Charge Up)'s Super Electron Drill Kick on his head and his body was destroyed after that. Stronger's Great Remodelling!!


Major Skull possesses the ability to detach his head from his body and wields a scythe from which he can shoot fire.

Delza Army Corps

Delza Army Corps Major Skull

Major Skull's Delza Army Corps.

Major Skull's Delza Army Corps wore skull masks and had a proficiency in spying, as well as the ability to turn invisible.

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