This article is about a/an Worm in Kamen Rider Kabuto.
KRKa-Tarantes Worm Purpura
Episodes: VS. Stag Beetle
Birth of a Special Compilation
Black × Black RX
Season: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Height: 214 cm
Weight: 122 kg
Actor: Takaaki Kuwashiro
Tarantes Worm Purpura
Kabuto Makoto boy

Makoto (マコト Makoto, 21 & 22) was a young boy who served as Arata Kagami's old time friend, serving as the human guise of the Tarantes Worm Purpura (タランテスワーム・パープラ Tarantesu Wāmu Pāpura) in Kamen Rider Kabuto. He was able to extend the tentacles on his shoulders to use as whips. Though he survived Gatack's Rider Kick, Purpura/Makoto died protecting Kagami from the explosion that wiped out the Worm eggs.

Kamen Rider Kabuto

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Kamen Rider Decade

Tarantes Worm Purpura appears as a member of Dai-Shocker in the World of Black RX. He is beaten back by Kamen Rider Black. Black × Black RX

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Kabuto video game

Tarantesworm Purpura is one of many Worms who appear in the Kamen Rider Kabuto video game.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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