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Makoto Fukami
Makoto Fukami
Kamen Rider Specter
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Ghost
Motif: Firefly
Historical figures
Fallen Angel (Sin Specter' Form)
Rider Type: Anti-Hero (First)
Hero (Current)
Villain/Puppet (Under Alain's control)
Affiliation: Kanon Fukami
Gamma (formerly)
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Bullseye! Bow and Arrow of Justice!
Last Appearance: Kamen Rider Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter
Number of Episode
45 (Ghost)
6 (Movies)
12 (Specials)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Ryosuke Yamamoto
Renma Taga (child)
Kamen Rider Specter
Doki Doki GOSUTO
"I'll show you my way of life!"
―Specter's proclamation before a finisher[src]

Makoto Fukami (深海 マコト Fukami Makoto) is Kamen Rider Specter (仮面ライダースペクター Kamen Raidā Supekutā), the second Kamen Rider to appear in Kamen Rider Ghost.

He temporarily aided the Gamma in an attempt to resurrect his sister, Kanon Fukami who was reduced to an Eyecon.

Character History


Makoto (Young)

Makoto as a child.

Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter

Makoto and Kanon were the ultimate creations of a project run by Danton, whose purpose was to create evolved humans through artificial means. Makoto's original name was Rio, until Daigo Fukami renamed him after adopting him and his sister following Danton's imprisonment for running the illegal project. He grew up never knowing about his true past.


Makoto and his sister Kanon were once childhood friends of Takeru and Akari. He was looked up to by Takeru, who called him Big Brother Makoto (マコトにいちゃん Makoto nii-chan). However, by mistake during a freak accident with the temple's monolith (which actually Chikara Saionji's doing), the two were accidentally pulled and trapped into the Gamma dimension. The siblings were found by the Gamma princess Alia, who watched over the two.

Becoming Kamen Rider Specter

Young Makoto with Ghost Driver

Edith gives young Makoto a Ghost Driver.

Edith with Specter Eyecon

Edith gives young Makoto the Specter Ghost Eyecon.

Makoto's body

Makoto's true body in stasis.

At a young age, Makoto was granted a Ghost Driver and the Specter Ghost Eyecon by Edith allowing him to become Kamen Rider Specter. Astonishing! Hermit's Truth! Alain, Alia's youngest brother, was originally apathetic towards the Fukami siblings, but befriended the two out of respect for an older Makoto's combat skills, finally giving him a proper training opponent.

After approximately eight years in the Gamma World, the atmosphere took its toll on Kanon, resulting in her human body perishing while she was left reduced to the form of a Gamma Eyecon which preserved her soul. Learning of the Great Eye, Makoto took to gathering the fifteen heroic Ghost Eyecons so he could access its power to resurrect his sister. Conciliation! All Resolutions! Labeled as Alain's best friend, Makoto had his body placed in a stasis tube in order to exist as a Gamma Eyecon, allowing him to escape the Gamma World.

By 2015, Makoto had obtained the Tutankhamun and Houdini Eyecons through unspecified means, and though he was unable to use the latter, he still possessed the Machine Hoodie motorcycle connected to Houdini's form.


Observing the other Kamen Rider

Makoto holding Mobile Cobra

Makoto observes Ghost.

Specter and Nobunaga

Specter makes his first appearance before Ghost to enlist the ghost of Nobunaga.

Makoto first appears observing Kamen Rider Ghost, who had just destroyed the Ono Ganma with his newly acquired Robin Damashii, from a distance with the Cobra Keitai in hand. Bullseye! Bow and Arrow of Justice! Continuing his observation of Ghost in his own Rider form, Specter made his appearance when Ghost unlocked Oda Nobunaga's Parka Ghost, telling Nobunaga to fight with him, to which the Parka Ghost obliged as it entered Specter's Ghost Driver, resulting in the creation of the Nobunaga Ghost Eyecon. Claiming the Eyecon for himself, Specter addressed a confused Ghost, telling him that he was too naive before taking his leave as suddenly as he appeared with his appearance being noted by Alain who observed from a distance. Amazing! The Castle in the Sky!

Second Encounter with Ghost

"Can you give your own life for others? You're naive! Your thinking and your resolve to fight... are all too naive."
―Makoto as he taunts Takeru and his determination.[src]

He later appears again when Ghost is chasing the Machine Gun Gamma, attacking Ghost while the Gamma escapes. He defeats Ghost Edison Damashii by using his Gan Gun Hand's Omega Spark finisher while in Nobunaga Damashii and takes Takeru's Edison Eyecon. Later, when Ghost struggles against the Machine Gun Gamma again, Makoto appears and transforms into Specter to steal Ghost's dropped Newton Eyecon. The Gamma attacks Specter however; incensed at the Gamma's attacking him by shooting him in the back, Makoto changes target from the downed Ghost to Machine Gun, changing into Tutankhamen Damashii and soon defeats Machine Gun with the Gan Gun Hand Sickle Mode's Omega Fang finisher. Specter picks up the Eyecon, then the two Riders engaged in a Rider Kick clash that sends Ghost out of transformation. However, in that clash, Takeru manages to steal the Newton Eyecon back. Livid at realizing that the Eyecon was missing, Specter storms off. Shock! Mystery Kamen Rider!

Makoto appears during Ghost's battle with the Onpu Gamma, transforms into Specter and uses Edison Damashii to easily defeat Takeru. Traumatized by his past defeats and afraid of Specter, Takeru flees and is forced to leave the Musashi Eyecon he dropped. Before he can claim it, Akari rushes in to snatch the Eyecon away from him. At first, Specter considers attacking her to get what he wants by threatening Akari. She refuses and Specter hesitates, finally relenting that she can keep the Musashi Eyecon for the moment. He later hands over the Edison Eyecon to Alain after a conversation with the Sister Eyecon. Makoto then watches Akari and Takeru talk a man out of committing suicide through the Onpu Gamma's influence. At first, Makoto considers transforming into Specter to attack Takeru to take his remaining Eyecons, but does not do so when he sees what he is trying to accomplish. After the Onpu Gamma's defeat, the Sister Eyecon tells Makoto she feels glad things worked out, with Makoto simply stating he let Takeru win just this time. Destiny! Reviving Melody!

Saionji, recognizing Makoto as one of the victims of the monolith accident, manipulates Specter into hating Takeru and Ryu by claiming that Ryu purposefully used Makoto and Kanon as test subjects for a portal to the Gamma world. While an incensed Makoto attacks Takeru with increased ferocity, Takeru realizes Specter's identity and tries to reason with his childhood friend.

Reuniting with his sister and working together with Ghost

Takeru soon realizes that Makoto is who he is now because of his sister, Kanon, being reduced to an Eyecon. He reveals his intention to revive Kanon, however Makoto still does not trust him. Soon, Saionji manages to gather all the 15 heroic Eyecons, however, he was absorbed by the Monolith instead of having his wish granted due to not having a Ghost Driver. Takeru was later chosen to have his wish granted. Makoto realized he had missed his chance to save Kanon and wondered what was the point of his search for the Eyecons and his hostility towards his friend.

However, what he did not expect was that Takeru chose to save Kanon's life instead of his own. Upon reuniting with his sister, Makoto was overjoyed and relieved, and renewed his friendship with Takeru. From then on, the two would work together in fighting the Gamma. Gather! The 15 Eyecons! Magnificent! The Mysterious Eye!

As Takeru's days of living came to an end during a battle with Jabel, Makoto fought valiantly but was soon overpowered. He later witnessed Takeru's revival and Jabel's defeat by Ghost in his new form, Toucon Boost Damashii. Although he was happy that his best friend came back to life, he still had other personal matters to attend to. Heroic! A Man's Resolve!

Gaining the power of the Escape King

Ever since Kanon's revival, Makoto would frequently visit her in the hospital until she fully recovered and was discharged. During an encounter with Alain and Jabel, Makoto attempted to fight the latter as Specter but was overwhelmed, resulting in his sister being abducted. Knowing that he could not fight Jabel as he is, he decided to use the power of the Houdini Ghost Eyecon, even though it had never let him use its power before. Exciting! A Free Man! Superb View! The Earth's Dawn!

Through intense training with Houdini controlling the Machine Hoodie, Makoto managed to gain Houdini's trust and unlock its power via a new form, Specter Houdini Damashii. Using this new power, he went on to rescue his sister and defeat Jabel in his Gundari form. Anguish! The Stubborn Escape King!

Meeting Necrom

The emergence of a new Kamen Rider known as Necrom overwhelmed Ghost and Specter. Knowing that Necrom was actually his former friend, Alain, Makoto decided to confront him on his own. Even with Ghost appearing to assist him sometime later, both of them were no match for Necrom, with Makoto sustaining major injuries and temporarily becoming out of action. This evidently worried his sister. Perfect! The White Kamen Rider!

Despite his injuries, Makoto went on to confront Necrom yet again, only to be subdued easily and turned into Alain's puppet as Necrom Specter. Alain remarked that they were the perfect friendship, with Takeru arguing that this isn't what a true friendship really is. Later, with the help of Takeru, Kanon, and his three personal Eyecons, Makoto was freed from Necrom's control, and went back to working together with Takeru as Specter and Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii. It was at this time that Makoto revealed a shocking truth to Takeru: that his real body is still at the Gamma World, and that Alain could destroy it at any time to kill him once and for all. Gorgeous! The Queen of Illusions! Reverse! Mysterious Science! Explosion! Paint From Your Heart! Explode! Flames of Friendship!

Searching for his Original Body

After assisting Ghost against the knight Gamma, until the appearance of Kanon led the knight to spare her and the Riders' life, Makoto set off to return to the Gamma World, in order to find his original body.Amazing! The Gamma's World! Before proceeding with his plan, Makoto thanked Alia for her kindness on raising him and Kanon, and as gratitude, Makoto offers her to visit human world anytime she likes. However, Alia cannot leave her world due to being needed there soon, while being informed that Alain was framed into murdering his and Alia's father, emperor Adonis from Adel, much to their disbelief, as both Makoto and Alia knows very well that Alain always has great respect towards Adonis as Alia herself. Noting Adel's suspicious schemes, Makoto confronts Adel, knowing that he was the one who killed his own father and frames Alain for this action, then trying to get rid of both Makoto and Takeru as well, as both Specter and Adel, in his Gamma Ultima form engage in combat. Though overpowered by Adel's power, Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii manages to catch up with Specter, yet still not powerful against Adel and decides to escape from the Gamma World instead. He and Takeru are suddenly heard Musashi's voice, who is suddenly stored within Edith's Eyecon storage along with Takeru's own heroic Ghost Eyecons, including Alain's Mega Ulorder and his two heroic Ghost Eyecons Grimm and Sanzo. In the same time while taking the Eyecons with him and Takeru back to Earth, they found an injured Alain, who return to his original human body and was running from a Gamma army. He tells Takeru to deal with Alain later, once the three Riders escape back to Earth, and succeed.Conspiracy! Adel's Trap!

As he entrusts Takeru with his Tutankhamun, Nobunaga and Houdini Eyecons under his friend's care, Makoto sacrifices his Eyecon body protecting Alain from Jabel (in his new Gamma Ultima form given by Adel), which is also part of his plan to return to the Gamma World once again and regain his real body. Intimate! The Giant Eyecon!

Becoming Deep Specter


Makoto sees a Deep Specter Eyecon.

After finally waking up in his original body from the capsule following his Eyecon body being destroyed, he went to Edith's Eyecon storage chamber to retrieve his Specter Eyecon. While he looked at a suspicious Deep Specter Eyecon, he was interrupted by Edith. Edith expressed his disappointment in Makoto for not helping him until he achieved his goals like he had promised, and said he was thinking of seeing if the other man with a Ghost Driver could handle the Deep Specter Eyecon, Makoto said he would do it, so Edith wasn't to mess with Takeru anymore. Edith accepted his request, but warned him to be careful of its dangerous power. Do-or-Die! Ready for Infiltration! After he left the storage room, he managed to catch up with Takeru and Alain but sadly, he was informed by Takeru that Alain was in despair after the latter learned the truth about Adel and had witnessed the death of his father. Later, they were confronted by Adel's army of Gammas now with the Gammaizer Fire. The three later managed to escape back to Earth again, just before they were followed by the Gammaizer Fire's army. As he was aware of Takeru's condition (after weakened by the other 14 Gammaizers), he used the Deep Specter Eyecon to transform into Deep Specter and defeated the Gammaizer Fire. After the battle, he regained his friendship with Alain. Bursting! Power of the Depths!

Gammaizer Conflicts

to be added

Doppelganger Specters

to be added

Meeting Genm

Makoto and Alain briefly fought Kamen Rider Genm when he tried attacking Ayumu for stealing the Shakariki Sports Gashat, forcing him to retreat. Final Story (Special Edition): Future! Connected Thoughts!

Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider

Exaid-ghost16110523 compressed

Taiga, Makoto, Hiiro, Alain, and Kiriya

Makoto and Alain briefly returned from the Gamma World to aid Takeru and the Doctor Riders against the Pac-Man Virus incident and the Next Genome Institute. He and Alain try fighting Ageha Takeda and her sword in civilian form but lose. When the fighting teams split, he and Kamen Rider Brave fight Ageha as the Giril Bugster and a group of samurai Bugster Viruses; cycling through Specter, Houdini, Tutankhamun, and Nobunaga Damashii without effect, he becomes Deep Specter, but a dual of finishers force them all out of their transformations and Ageha escapes as Makoto collapses.

He and Alain rested in the hospital, recovering in time to meet Akari and head to find Takeru as he and the other Riders fought and defeated the Next Genome Bugsters, curing Akari of Hatena's virus. After the friends reunite, Makoto, Alain, and Kanon return to the Gamma World. Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider

Chou Super Hero Taisen

An iteration of Kamen Rider Specter was briefly considered for Team Ex-Aid, but was passed over by Momotaros. Despite this, he still fought in the Game World's Chou Super Hero Taisen tournament as part of Kamen Rider Genm's Team Genm, competing for the title of Kamen Sentai Gorider with Specter serving as candidate for Aorider. Team Genm ultimately made it to the final round, however, while Specter defeated AoNingerIcon-crosswiki, Team Genm was beaten by Team Ex-Aid as Ex-Aid bested Genm. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen

Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter

It is finally revealed that Makoto and Kanon are two of the artificial lifeforms created by Danton, until his former assistant, Godai, defected from his former master and took Makoto and Kanon as he escaped to the Human World, where he named them and raised them as his own.

After Danton escaped from a space prison and returned, he convinced Makoto to help him restart his human remodeling project to alter the former Gamma to become resistant to the poisonous red sky, as opposed to Alain and Akari's plan to purify the sky. He reveals that Makoto and Kanon each have hundreds of "failed copies" in stasis, several of which Adel had sent to fight him as his doppelgangers. Makoto is opposed by Alain, who warns that Danton isn't trying to help anyone, but Makoto fights him as Deep Specter to defend his true father's name, and though Alain's Necrom Eyecon upgrades itself to Yujou Burst and defeats him, Makoto stabs Alain in the stomach. Believing he has killed his friend, he returns to Danton to find him absorbing several of the people he "helped" for his own power and threatening to destroy Kanon for being imperfect enough to die once before. Filled with grief and realizing Danton has no desire to save everyone, he lists his sins as he destroys all remaining "failed copies" of him and his sister, and a new Eyecon appears to him, Sin Specter. He uses this new power to fight Danton's monster form, using Sin Specter Damashii's eight finishers in sequence as he explains what he owes to his three fathers, finally defeating Danton as he announces his pleasure at his son's devotion.

Makoto and Kanon, despite their artificial origins, decide that they are human because they choose to be, and with Alain recovering, they continue living in the newly blue-skied Gamma World. Kamen Rider Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter

Other events

Super Movie War Genesis

To be added

Ikkyu Eyecon Contention! Quick Wit Battle!!

To be added

Ikkyu Intimacy! Awaken, My Quick Wit Power!!

To be added

Legendary! Riders' Souls!

Specter and Ghost make a surprising encounter with a non-Gamma monster, the Heart Roidmude, led by the mysterious Frey. Quickly overwhelmed by the new enemy, both Riders are robbed of the Ghost Eyecons beyond their personal ones by Frey and are left in a pinch until the arrival of Freya, who tells the Riders to gather the Rider Eyecons. Ghost goes first, and unlocks the Drive Eyecon to defeat Heart. Drive Chapter Soon after, Specter accesses the W Eyecon to defeat the Terror Dopant. W Chapter As Ghost gains the Gaim Eyecon in his fight against Lord Baron, the two start to get the feeling that the monsters' purpose was for them to collect the Rider Eyecons and, Gaim Chapter after Specter acquires the Fourze Eyecon against Sagittarius Nova, the Riders confront Freya who they find to be working with Frey. Fourze Chapter

Specter and Ghost are then met by the Kyoryu Greeed and Kamen Rider Wiseman as Frey tells them it will be revealed after they defeat them. After Specter's unlocking of the OOO Eyecon to defeat the Kyoryu Greeed leaves only one more to go, the scenario is interrupted by Xibalba, with the two Riders realizing that they were meant to destroy this monster as it absorbs Frey and Freya, enhancing its Gamma Ultima body. OOO Chapter Greatly overwhelmed, Specter barely holds off Xibalba as Ghost manages to unlock the Wizard Eyecon, defeating Wiseman. With all six Rider Eyecons in their hands, the two Riders use them as per intention, going through the Rider Damashii they have accessed to fight Xibalba, managing to free Frey and Freya as they wear him down to his original form before destroying him with a combined Omega Drive using the power of the Rider spirits. Ultimately, Makoto and Takeru get no answer as to who exactly Freya and Frey are, but have learnt through collecting the Rider Eyecons that they can overcome many challenges and that if any villain plans to make their world despair, they can fight to the very end to protect people as long as they have their friends and hold on to hope, that kind of heart being what makes a Kamen Rider. The twins' work done, Frey returns the Riders' Ghost Eyecons to them before merging with Freya who, telling the Riders that the real enemy is just waking up, combines the six Rider Eyecons they collected along with the ten Heisei Rider Eyecons she carries to create a single Kamen Rider 45 Ghost Eyecon before returning to her world. Wizard Chapter

Later on, the Riders are led by the Rider Eyecon to the advent of the last enemy, a Gamma Ultima known as the Dark Mind who brings with him revived Nova Shocker generals Urga and Buffal. Backing Ghost up, Specter witnesses him make use of the Kamen Rider 45 Ghost Eyecon, first accessing Ichigou Damashii to destroy Urga and Buffal before transforming into the combined Heisei Damashii to defeat the Dark Mind even after he enhances his form with the Alexander Gamma Eyecon. Their Rider quest finally over, the two Riders delight in their victory. Last Chapter: 1 & Heisei

Kamen Rider 1

To be added


Makoto is a very driven individual, willing to go to almost any lengths to protect his sister Kanon and restore her to life. He outwardly comes off as stubborn, anti-social and aggressive, his temper getting the better of him when someone speaks about Kanon or tries to harm her. This is possibly a result of his traumatic experience in the Gamma World, as well as his desperation to save his sister Kanon in time. There is question to the morality of his methods, as in two instances he almost harmed Akari just to get his hands on the Ghost Eyecons and his dealings with the Gamma forces. However, Kanon acts as his moral conscience, preventing him from going too far down the wrong path and showing that Makoto still has a caring and kind nature hidden from others.

Makoto was very hostile to his childhood friend Takeru, presumably because he saw Ghost as an obstacle to his goal and harbored resentment for the Tenkuji family for the experiment that led to his sister being reduced to a Gamma Eyecon.

It is shown however that Makoto still holds a level of respect for Ryu Tenkuji, later even going on to view Ryu as a father figure to him. After Takeru selflessly uses the 15 Eyecons to restore Kanon rather than himself, Makoto's demeanor changes, revealing the caring nature he still has and working alongside Takeru to fight the Gamma. He also expresses regret for his past actions and tries to amend whatever harm he has done to his friends by helping them while trying to "settle things" with Alain.


Powers and Abilities

Gamma Detection
As he is the physical form of an Eyecon, Makoto can see Gamma without any outside aid. However, after returning to his original body, he lost this power, and can only see them while he has his Ghost Eyecons.
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Makoto is a skilled fighter, being on par with Alain in their civilian forms and certainly more experienced than Takeru.
Gamma Hole Creation
Makoto is capable of creating a portal to the Gamma World, as he is an Eyecon himself. However, after returning to his original body, he lost this power.
Deadly Sin Synchronization
After gaining the power of Sin Specter Damashii, whenever Makoto synchronizes with one of the Seven Deadly Sins resonating strongly within himself, his body will glow in a certain color, indicating that he has gained the ability to utilize a weapon attack in Sin Specter Damashii based on that particular sin i.e. attacks like Envy Slap, etc.
Absorbing Regeneration
According to Danton, since Makoto is one of his evolved human creations, Makoto would have the ability to awaken the same ability as Danton to absorb others in order to regenerate. This was partly hinted at beforehand with the fused form of the Makoto clones fusing himself into the real Makoto to save his life.


Specter's forms are called Damashii ( Damashī, Souls), accessed using the Ghost Eyecons. He also bears a headpiece called the Persona (ペルソナ Perusona, Latin for "Mask"), which gives off a glow effect with the rest of his body. The Persona changes with Specter's numerous Damashii forms, as well as serving as a prefix title for all of the Damashii forms' helms.

Differentiating himself from Kamen Rider Ghost, Specter normally bears a pair of Wisp Horns (ウィスプホーン Wisupu Hōn) on his head in most of his Damashii forms, allowing him to use them either for perceiving and sensing Gamma within a 8 km radius or as a weapon.[1] When transforming into Houdini Damashii, the Wisp Horns are upgraded into the Striker Horns (ストライカーホーン Sutoraikā Hōn), which upgrades its sensory range with an additional 4 km. to a total of 12 km. of range. [2] When transforming into Deep Specter, the Wisp Horns are upgraded into the Chaos Wisp Horns (ケイオスウィスプホーン Keiosu Wisupu Hōn). While they don't offer an expansion to the sensory abilities, it appears the Chaos Wisp Horns are capable of releasing the pent up energy within Deep Specter as a form of plasma, which can be weaponized as a form of attack.[3]Lastly, when transforming into Sin Specter, the Wisp Horns have evolved into Immortal Wisp Horns (不滅ウィスプホーン Fumetsu Wisupu Hōn), although they are rainbow-colored, granting Specter immortallity.

By pulling and pushing the Ghost Driver's lever a second time after transforming, Specter can activate an Omega Drive (オメガドライブ Omega Doraibu) finishing attack tied to the Ghost Eyecon currently being used. If he pulls and pushes the lever four times, he can instead execute an Oomedama (オオメダマ Ōmedama, lit. "Giant eyeball" (大目玉)) special attack.





Behind the Scenes


Makoto Fukami is portrayed by Ryosuke Yamamoto (山本 涼介 Yamamoto Ryōsuke). As a child, he is portrayed by Renma Taga (多賀蓮真 Taga Renma).

As Kamen Rider Specter, his suit actor is Jun Watanabe (渡辺 淳 Watanabe Jun).


  • Like Takeru, Makoto's first name is in katakana rather than in kanji. He is also the first secondary Rider to have his first name in katakana.
  • Makoto is the first secondary Kamen Rider to have the ability to combine with a Rider Machine to gain a new form with Houdini Damashii.
    • He is also the second Rider overall to have such an ability. The first was Shinnosuke Tomari with Type Tridoron.
Specter Henshin Pose
  • Makoto's transformation pose before pulling the handle on his Driver is similar to part of Kotaro Minami's transformation pose as Kamen Rider Black, with both clenching their fists before initiating the transformation.
  • Makoto Fukami has made the third-earliest debut of any Secondary Rider of the Neo-Heisei Era, first appearing as a cameo in his civilian form in the third episode, and appearing in his Rider form in the fourth episode. The Secondary Rider to make his debut earlier are Hiiro Kagami/Kamen Rider Brave, who first appeared in the first episode of his series, and made his debut as a Rider one episode later, and Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, who also first appeared in the first episode of his series, but made his debut as a Rider in the third episode, one episode later than Hiiro/Brave.
  • Necrom Specter is similar to Chaser Mach, as both are Secondary Riders that use another Rider's power to gain a new form. Using the Necrom Eyecon and Chaser Signal Bike also only gives them an additional armor, not changing them into the corresponding Rider. The naming also begins with the Rider whose power is used before the Secondary Rider's name.
    • Ironically, Chaser Mach shows Go's willingness to befriend Chase and marks their friendship while Necrom Specter is an opposite. As the form shows Makoto's unwillingness to use the form and his friendship with Alain was already broken.
  • While Ghost and Specter retain their respective Wisp Horns when using each other's Heroic Eyecons, when Specter uses Necrom's Eyecons, he gains Necrom's Sweep Horn instead of his own.
    • When Specter transforms into Houdini Damashii, he bears a larger pair of Striker Horns that resemble the ones on Machine Hoodie.
  • One of the words in Necrom Specter's transformation announcement had the word "Nottori" (乗っ取り), means takeover, which symbolizes the Eyecon/Parka Ghost controlling Specter into Alain/Necrom's servitude.
  • It is unknown how Makoto had a human like form when he is a Gamma Eyecon while his sister did not.
    • However, during one of Makoto's fight against Takeru, it is shown that his sister in her Gamma Eyecon form is capable of projecting an non-solid image of herself.
  • Deep Specter has three elements similar to Ghost's Toucon Boost Damashii: Flame-like Wisp Horns, Modified Transient, and a weapon that can hold Eyecons.
    • In a sense, it is similar to how Beast Hyper, Beast's final form is more akin to Wizard's upgrade form.
      • The main difference that makes Deep Specter unique from Beast Hyper is its power can be utilized with other forms, while Beast Hyper only makes use of the mantles in the toy line.
  • Deep Specter's Eyecon is so far the only Eyecon whose voice works differently between the series and the toy. The following voices only shows up in the series, and cannot be produced by the toy:
    • "Genkai Daikaigan! Deep Specter, Omega Drive!"
    • "Genkai Daikaigan! Gekikou Specter, Omega Drive!"
      • The toy version of the Eyecon, for an unknown reason, has the finisher for Deep Specter announces "Kyokugen Daikaigan" (the words used for Deep Slasher finisher) instead of "Genkai Daikaigan", and does not have any finisher voice for Gekikou Specter at all.
  • Coincidentally, all of Specter's upgrade forms, which are Houdini Damashii, Deep Specter and Sin Specter, share the ability of flight.
    • Also, Sin Specter's appearance with his wings spread out is a bit similar to Lucifer, the fallen angel in Christian and Judaism stories.
  • Sin Specter's name is two-layered: as written, "Sin" connects to the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins its power is based on; and as pronounced with "sh-" for "s-", "Shin" (新) can mean "new" in Japanese, indicating a new form or identity for Specter, possibly connected to his realization of his true origin and nature.
  • Sin Specter's Gluttony Bite finisher is similar to Kamen Rider W FangJoker's Fang Strizer.
  • Like Mitsuzane Kureshima who used the Double Lockseed, Makoto using W Damashii and proclaiming Double's catchphrase "Now, count up your sins!" is rather ironic, which references a foreshadowing to Makoto's extra final form, Sin Specter.


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