This article is about a/an suit actor in the Kamen Rider Series.
Makoto Ito
Born April 6, 1975
Born in Tokyo, Japan
Role(s) Various stunt/suit roles
Daisuke Danda
Various tokusatsu series, including the Kamen Rider Series

Makoto Ito (伊藤 慎 Itō Makoto) is a recurring suit actor in the Heisei Kamen Rider Series.

He also portrayed Daisuke Danda/Kamen Rider Danki in Kamen Rider Hibiki. Before that he made a cameo as a member of Smart Brain in episode 48 of Kamen Rider 555.

Outside the Kamen Rider series, he known for his role as the suit actor for Garo in the Garo Series.

Stunt/Suit Actor Roles

Out-of-suit Roles

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