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Makoto Uesugi (上杉 誠) is the Jewel Gaia Memory user.

Makoto Uesugi

He is a popular male model who had a perversed sense of love. When his high school friend Rui Jojima falls in love with their friend Satoru, Uesugi obtains the means to become the Jewel Dopant. As Jewel Dopant, he turned Satoru into a diamond that he wears on his ring. He also forces Rui as his unwilling accomplice, making her seem to be the villain behind his crimes while appearing innocent as he turns many women into diamonds.

However, Rui places a monkey wrench in the scheme by framing Detective Jinno and thus start a chain of events that exposes Uesugi and thwarts his plan to kill Rui off and leave town. By then, Philip manages to pinpoint the Dopant's one weakness and defeat him through the Bicker Charge Break Maximum Drive at the jewel's eye crack in his belt. With the Jewel Memory destroyed, Satoru and Uesegi's other victims are restored to normal.


Dopant Form

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―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 220cm
  • Weight: 264kg

As the Jewel Dopant (ジュエル・ドーパント Jueru Dōpanto), Uesugi uses his ability to turn anyone into a diamond. Besides that, he also able to manipulate light and being impervious to most Maximum Drives due to having a single weakpoint. This defense was enough to withstand even W CycloneJokerXtreme`s Maximum Drives which seemingly has twice the power of a Twin Maximum.

Other Appearances

The Jewel Dopant makes an appearance in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum as one of the revived members of the Monster Army that Wizard faced in his portion of the movie. He was destroyed by Wizard's Kick Strike in Hurricane Style after doing nothing but standing around.