This article is about a/an episode in Kamen Rider Amazon.

Man or Beast? The Cool Guy Who Came From the Jungle! (人か?野獣か?密林から来た凄い奴! Hito ka? Yajū ka? Mitsurin Kara Kita Sugoi Yatsu!) is the first episode of Kamen Rider Amazon.


Daisuke Yamamoto, a young Japanese man raised in the wild Amazon jungle, is forced to become Kamen Rider Amazon to fight the Gedom, who are now eying Japan for conquest.


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Guest cast


Digital Releases

Amazon DVD Vol 1

Kamen Rider Amazon Volume 1, DVD cover.

  • Kamen Rider Amazon DVD Volume 1 features episodes 1-12.[1]
Amazon Blu-ray

Kamen Rider Amazon Blu-ray Boxset.

  • The complete Kamen Rider Amazon series was released in a Blu-ray boxset.[2]


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