This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Stronger.

Mantis Kikkaijin (カマキリ奇械人 Kamakiri Kikkaijin, 9, 17 & 26): A mantis monster. He possesses the conductor of a travelling band troupe, using his nature as a praying mantis to interfere with the music's frequency with a chirp. This creates a cacophonic sound that either causes death or makes adults attain a desire to kill children. He then possesses a church cleric onwards to trap Tobei and Yuriko. He can turn both his normal hands into a scythe and ball-chain mace respectively. The scythe in his arm can be thrown as a boomerang. He was destroyed by a combination of Stronger's Stronger Electro Kick and Stronger's Electro Water Fall. The Band of Demons Has Come!!

Mantis Kikkaijin (Titan)

Carrying Mr. Titan's coffin.

Mantis Kikkaijin was later revived by Black Satan, he was one of four kaijin who carried Mr. Titan's body to a church in preparation for his resurrection. Ghost Story, The Demonic Easter

Mantis Kikkaijin was part of group of Revived Kikkaijin born from a single Satan Bug. Posing as scrapped Kikkaijin in the Black Satan base, they attacked Stronger, Tackle and Tachibana. He was seemingly defeated, not joining the five remaining Kikkaijin as they took the fight with Stronger outside before being reverted back to the Satan Bug. Seen!! The Great Leader's True Identity!!