This article is about a/an Undead in Kamen Rider Blade.

Given the name "Chalice the Legendary", the Mantis Undead (マンティスアンデッド Mantisu Andeddo) is the best fighter of all the Undead. As such, Hajime Aikawa uses the Undead's form and assumes the identity of "Kamen Rider Chalice" while suppressing his Joker nature. The form of this Undead is how Chalice' Rider form appears, save for an Undead belt in place of the Chalice Rouzer and card holster, as noted by the Eagle Undead before Kamen Rider Blade sealed him. Though Leangle unseals the Mantis Undead, he is resealed by the Black Joker. Its abilities match those when used by Kamen Rider Chalice, save for any abilities related to the Rouze Cards.