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Masaru Todou was Kohtaro Minami's senior in university and is the owner of the sports cafe and shop Capitola.

In his first appearance, Kohtaro and Kyoko come to him about moving into Capitola when it becomes clear that Golgom is targeting the both of them. Todou instantly greets them, hands the keys over, and rushes out the door towards his "Dream" of becoming a man of the sea. He leaves Capitola to Kyoko who instantly takes over running the store. 

He returns later in Episode 10, admitting how spontaneous his dream was, before witnessing a traffic accident caused by Golgom. He later helps Kohtaro infiltrate the traffic accident conspiracy.

Todou's final fate is left unresolved. It is assumed that he evacuated Japan with Kyoko and Katsumi but is never heard from again.