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Masked Rider Warrior Leader

"I am Masked Rider Warrior Leader at your service!"
―Masked Rider Warrior Leader[src]

Masked Rider Warrior Leader is the leader of the Masked Rider Warriors. Like all of them except Dex Stewart, his true identity is unknown.


  • Warrior Punch
Masked Rider & Masked Rider Warriors are using Warrior Punch to attack Bruticon The Invasion of Leawood

Behind the scenes


The Masked Rider Warrior Leader was depicted via stock footage of Kamen Rider 1 in Kamen Rider Black RX. This Masked Rider was voiced by Kim Strauss.


The names for the Masked Rider Warriors were carried over from RX aside for a few changes. However, almost all of the Riders except for Warrior Leader (Kamen Rider 1) and Z-Cross (ZX) ended up introducing themselves with switched names during the roll call due to a mix-up between the edited footage (Kamen Rider 2 and Riderman were cut out from the scene) and the voice clip that was used (all the names were mentioned in order, with Skyrider and Kamen Rider Super-1 being omitted).

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