This article is about a/an Gurongi in Kamen Rider Kuuga.
Me-Gadora-Da (メ・ガドラ・ダ Me Gadora Da), also known as Unidentified Life Form #25 (未確認生命体第25号 Mikakunin Seimeitai Dai Nijūgogō), assumes the form of a man armed with a pair of knuckles and with a chain. He is called in by Baruba to kill 70 people within six hours as part of the Gegeru game. He slaughters police officers as Yuusuke arrives too late to save them, fighting the Gurongi as Kuuga in a long battle lasting into the night before Gadora gets the upper hand. But the tables turn as Kuuga uses his Mighty Kick to kill him.

Me-Gadora-Da's tattoo

Kamen Rider Decade

World of Kuuga

At least one Me-Gadora-Da was part of a group of human-turned Gurongi created when they were exposed to N-Gamio-Zeda's miasma. Some were later absorbed by him in a last effort to defeat Kuuga and Decade. The remaining Gurongi died after Gamio was defeated. Transcendence


  • His name is based on the Japanese word for "tiger" ( Tora).