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This article is about a/an weapon in Kamen Rider OOO.

"Gokkun: Putotyranno Hissatsu!""
―Finisher announcement w/ Putotyra Combo[src]

"Gokkun: (Combo)! (Jingle remix)""
―Finisher announcement w/ any other Combo[src]

The Medagabryu (メダガブリュー Medagaburyū, lit. "Medal Biting Dragon") is Putotyra Combo's signature weapon, enabling Kamen Rider OOO to unleash the full potential of the Core Medals. It first appears in episode 32.


The Medagabryu can interchange between Axe Mode (アックスモード Akkusu Mōdo) and Bazooka Mode (バズーカモード Bazūka Mōdo). It can also be used with other forms, allowing OOO to execute ice-powered slashes. However, only Putotyra Combo is able to control the weapon's Bazooka Mode.[1]If the mouth of the Medagabryu is left shut for a few seconds without opening it back, depending on which Medal type was inserted, the weapon will burp (two short burps when a Cell Medal is inserted, or a single long burp when a Core Medal is inserted).

Finishing attacks

When Cell Medals are inserted into the Medagabryu, OOO can initiate a Putotyranno Hissatsu (プトティラノヒッサツ Putotira no Hissatsu, lit. "Putotyranno Finisher") finishing move depending on the weapon's mode. Axe Mode enables OOO to perform the Ground of Rage (グランド・オブ・レイジ Gurando obu Reiji) slash, which is powerful enough to damage Core Medals, while Bazooka Mode allows him to perform the Strain Doom (ストレインドゥーム Sutorein Dūmu) blast.

Behind the scenes


The voice of the Medagabryu, as well as the O Scanner, is provided by Akira Kushida (串田 アキラ Kushida Akira).


  • Gokkun (ゴックン) is the Japanese portmanteau word for "gulp".
  • The Medagabryu is reminscent of the MothbreakerIcon-crosswiki weapon wielded by MammothRangerIcon-crosswiki in Kyōryū Sentai ZyurangerIcon-crosswiki, which is also an axe which could change into a cannon. While MammothRanger was not based off a dinosaur, Zyuranger was primarily a dinosaur-themed teamIcon-crosswiki, like Putotyra Combo's motifs.


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