This article is about a/an ally in Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider W.

Melissa (メリッサ Merissa) is a famous opera singer in Futo during 1999 appearing in Movie War Core's Skull: Message for Double segment.


Melissa is a friendly and sociable young woman who wanted to helped from her troubles. When she met Sokichi Narumi and heard his mantra she fell in love with him. After finding out that Sokichi's partner, Matsu, did for her; Melissa defended him by explaining his reason but could not return his feelings for her. When Matsu dies from the side effects of his Gaia Memory after a Memory Break, Melissa was horrified that Sokichi couldn't save him and called him a fool. While no longer in love with him, she kept a promise she made to Sokichi after the whole ordeal.


Melissa came to the Narumi Detective Agency one day to ask to be saved from her manager, Kozo Yaguchi. Seiichiro Matsui having fallen in love with Melissa got ahold of the Spider Gaia Memory to become the Spider Dopant. But when he starts stalking Melissa she asks Matsu's partner, Sokichi Narumi for help. After Yaguchi is killed by the Spider Dopant's Spider Bomb and Sokichi figures out Matsu's secret identity, Melissa explains Matsu's reasons for getting the Gaia Memory and that he injected her with a Spider Bomb so that she could never love anyone else. But as Melissa wasn't in love with Matsu, he changed into the Spider Dopant and kidnapped her. When Sokichi as Kamen Rider Skull defeated Matsu and caused a Memory Break, Matsu died from the side effects. Melissa berated Sokichi for not being able to save Matsu after regaining conscious and called him a fool as he walked away. Before leaving, Sokichi asked Melissa to take his place at his daughter, Akiko Narumi's wedding as he was still infected with a Spider Bomb left by the Spider Dopant (If he touches his daughter, she will be killed by the Spider Bomb), which she fulfills 11 years later.