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The Ministry of Health (衛生省 Eiseishō) is a branch of the Japanese government that manages medicine, health and is involved in public safety in certain health crises such as disease outbreaks. After the disaster known as Zero Day, the Ministry collaborated with Genm Corp. and Seito University Hospital to develop methods to combat the Bugster infection. This led to the development of the Gamer Driver system and the Hospital's CR room to treat patients who were infected with the Bugster virus.

MOH announces news on the Bugsters to the public

Hinata alerts the public about the Bugster heath crisis.

On January of 2017, weeks after a mass outbreak caused by Graphite, Deputy Director-General Hinata went public about the Bugsters at a press conference. Defined Destiny

Following the raid of Kuroto Dan's hideout by police authorities, the Ministry had been monitoring 9 Proto Gashats until it was reportedly stolen. Judgement Received!