This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Black.

Mole Cricket Mutant (ケラ怪人 Kera Kaijin) (36 & 37) is a mole cricket Gorgom monster.


Mole Cricket Mutant was first seen when the Three High Priests became Grand Mutants.

He later attacked Katsumi at a wedding in Yubari and ran afoul of Kamen Rider Black. During battle, Bat Mutant abducted the unconscious Katsumi and flew off in the direction toward Sapporo, Hokkaido as Mole Cricket Mutant escapes underground. Kohtaro follows the trail until Kyoko and Keiko inform Kohtaro that Katsumi was found in Tokyo. It turns out that Katsumi was hypnotized by Shadow Moon to attack Kamen Rider by capturing Keiko. Both Katsumi and Mole Cricket Mutant overwhelmed Kohtaro until Kyoko entered. Mole Cricket and Katsumi escaped with Keiko. After following a hypnotized Katsumi when she abducted a bus full of school children, Kohtaro fell into a trap where Mole Cricket Mutant attacked. Kohtaro then transformed into Kamen Rider Black as Shadow Moon arrived trying to get Kamen Rider Black to kill Katsumi to end it. Kamen Rider Black would not do it and continued his fight with Mole Cricket Mutant alongside the Grand Mutants. As he is struggling against Mole Cricket Mutant, Kamen Rider Black recalls that Mole Cricket Mutant hates light and uses the Kingstone Flash to illuminate the entire room. As Shadow Moon and the Grand Mutants escape, Mole Cricket Mutant escapes underground and ends up out in the daylight. Once Kamen Rider Black killed Mole Cricket Mutant with the Rider Kick, the spell on Katsumi was lifted.


It can attack with his claws, dig underground, and spew purple foam.