This article is about a/an episode of Imagin Anime in Kamen Rider Den-O.

Momotaros's Momotarō (モモタロスのももたろう Momotarosu no Momotarō) is the first animated short of the first Imagin Anime series.

Momotaros and the other Taros tried to play the story Momotaro. The roles decided for Momotaro, dog, monkey and pheasant is respectively Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros and Ryutaros. However, the other Taros are not pleased with their roles. Ryutaros and Kintaros wanted to be dog and pheasant respectively. Momotaros annoyingly agreed and change the roles, meaning Urataros had to be the monkey. Urataros was against Kintaros being a pheasant but the latter went to sleep. Not interested in his current role, Urataros decides to leave but Momotaros question what he wants to do. Urataros believe they should decide who should be the monkey, with he and Ryutaros staring at Momotaros before declaring that it is decided. 

Later, the roles were changed, with Urataros, Ryutaros, Momotaros, and Kintaros play as Momotaro, dog, monkey and pheasant respectively. Momotaros, now playing the role of a monkey gets annoyed with being called and acted like one. He declared that he will switch place once they reach Onigashima. However, Urataros decides to change their destination and everyone except Momotaros agreed before they depart. An annoyed Momotaros leave through the sea to go to Onigashima by himself but then realised that he cannot swim before sinking, with a shark following appearing and sinking afterwards.