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Mukadenjin (ムカデンジン Mukadenjin, 8): A centipede Neo-Shocker cyborg who was originally Makoto Shindō (進藤眞 Shindō Makoto)


Makoto Shindō was a karate expert tricked by Neo-Shocker to being converted. Posing as a fugitive whose alterations were incomplete, Makoto attempts to win Tsukuba's trust in order to take him to the Neo-Shocker base where he was altered. However, revealing that he was aware of the trap the entire time, Skyrider kills Mukadenjin off with his Sky Kick.


As a centipede cyborg, Mukadenjin is able to use his tail to attack.

Behind the scenes


Mukadenjin was voiced by Ryūji Saikachi (槐 柳二 Saikachi Ryūji) and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor. Makoto Shindō was portrayed by Hiro Jin.