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Mukaderiya (ムカデリヤ Mukaderiya, 14): A centipede Dogma monster. 

Character History

He was assigned by Megaru Shogun to steal the brain of deceased Nazi scientist Professor Solberger who before being executed thirty years ago was responsible for developing a fatal laughing gas. The Dogma Kingdom resurrects his brain and implants it into a new host body. Solberger installs said laughing gas into the cybernetics of Mukaderiya. Although his operation was a success, his shameful defeat by Super-1 and loss of one of his fangs had him marked for potential execution by the organization. In private, Solberger tempts the kaijin to join him in a coup d'etat. They appear to successfully kill Megaru Shogun and attempt to kill Terror Macro with a time bomb disguised as an offering but their plans are revealed by Megaru Shogun whose dead body was merely a shadow clone. Solberger was fatally impaled with a spear and now branded a traitor, Mukaderiya attempts to escape from Dogma. He calls for a truce with Kazuya, freely handing him the antidote to the poison until he decides to try and kill his mortal enemy one last time. He is frozen solid with the Hot/Cold Hand before being destroyed by Super-1's Super Rider Moon Surface Kick.


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Powers and Abilities

  • His body is circulated with a blue colored laughing gas called "R Gas" that can be unleashed by an army of exploding pet centipedes or throwing appendage grenades. He can also summon a rope called the "Mukaden Ro-Pu". It sprays gas also when destroyed. Finally he can disappear emitting a white gas.

Behind the Scenes