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Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Decade
Villain Type: Mysterious Man
Affiliation: Himself
Super Shocker (formerly)
Dai-Shocker (formerly)
Homeworld: Unknown
First Appearance: The World of Kuuga
Last Appearance: Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai
Number of Episode
30 (Decade)
4 (Movie)
1 (TV Special)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Tatsuhito Okuda
"Curse you Decade!"
―Narutaki's usual rant about Tsukasa Kadoya[src]

Narutaki (鳴滝) is a character in the Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Decade. He appears as mysterious man who says Decade will destroy their worlds.


Narutaki is a mysterious man who refers to himself as a prophet, and is protected by an aura that renders him immune to the convergence of the ten worlds. He also has the ability to move freely between the worlds and summon Riders from other worlds. He firmly believes that Tsukasa Kadoya should not exist in any world and tells the other Kamen Riders that he will destroy their world. He also desires to save Natsumi, offering her freedom while telling her that the Rider War will awaken Tsukasa's true nature as Decade.

World of Hibiki


After Decade defied his premonitions of doom in the previous nine worlds, Narutaki decides to personally deal with him in the World of Hibiki by summoning a Bakegani, revealing to Natsumi that Tsukasa's actions are actually destroying the worlds rather than saving them as they were told, and that only she can stop the madness now.

World of Negatives

However at the World of Negatives, Narutaki expresses his joy over Decade finding himself a world which he can exist in.

World of Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

Narutaki appears as a temporary ally after hearing Tsukasa regained his memory, as well as being somehow betrayed by Dai-Shocker. He first rescue Natsumi but surrounded until Daiki (disguise as one of Shocker Combatmen) arrived to rescue them. When speaking of Daiki how he got his Driver that was originally from Dai-Shocker, Narutaki realized about Diendriver's capability and thinking about summoning many main Riders to stop Dai-Shocker.

World of the Rider War

In the World of the Rider War, he asks for Tsukasa's help to stop Apollo Geist from speeding up the destruction of all worlds, but this doesn't change his belief that Tsukasa is the true cause of the destruction, or his desire to see Tsukasa stopped.

The Last Story

In Kamen Rider Decade: The Last Story, Narutaki poses as Colonel Zol (ゾル大佐 Zoru Taisa), an executive member of the evil Super Shocker organization. However, when Doras fell from the Super Crisis Fortress and knocks him out of his way, he reverts back to Narutaki and blames Decade for causing a new calamity born from the Neo Organism's antics (even though Narutaki caused the "birth" of the Neo Organism) before running off.

Super Hero Taisen

"You destroy everything, and from that manage to create anew. Curse you, Decade! As long as you live, so does my journey."
―Narutaki departs after being defeated as Doktor G.[src]

In Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki, Narutaki becomes Doktor G (ドクトルG Dokutoru Gē), a general of the revived Dai-Shocker and right hand to Tsukasa. He is the driving force behind recreating Dai-Shocker, reviving and recruiting past villains for the purpose of an alliance with the villains of the Dai-Zangyack to trick Decade into killing off Super Sentai teams while the other group get their leader Captain MarvelousIcon-crosswiki, Gokai Red of the Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerIcon-crosswiki, to do the same with the Kamen Riders. However, Tsukasa and Marvelous played the villains and made their move once the villains attempt to create Big Machine. In the battle that followed, Doktor G overpowers Decade and his Kamen Rider allies as Kani Laser until the Goseigers give Decade, Ryuki, and Blade their defense Gosei CardsIcon-crosswiki to weaken Kani Laser to finish him off with a triple Rider Kick. However, reverting to his true form, Narutaki tells Decade that he will continue to try and destroy Decade. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

ToQger Vs. Gaim

Narutaki(in Gaim&Toq)

Narutaki and his monkey puppet

"It seems more worlds... have become connected!"
―Narutaki appears before Kouta and Right[src]

Narutaki appears in front of Kouta and RightIcon-crosswiki as he gives Kouta a Rainbow PassIcon-crosswiki and warns him about the war between the Riders from each eras. He is shown to have his own monkey puppet, which resembles Narutaki himself, telling the two to give regards to TicketIcon-crosswiki. Ressha Sentai ToQger Vs. Kamen Rider Gaim Spring Vacation Combining Special

Kamen Rider Taisen

"Damn you, Decade! Why are Riders so damn awesome?!"
―Narutaki tells Decade how awesome the Riders are.[src]

Narutaki arrives in Drupers, warning Tsukasa, Kouta and others about Badan and the situation between the Showa and Heisei Riders before leaving. Later, he arrive where the Riders from both eras were fighting and commenting on Gaim's or 1's action of winning the war. After the battle, although Narutaki still curses Decade, he tells how awesome the Riders are in which Decade actually agrees, leaving Narutaki smiling.

Narutaki's Forms

Much like Decade, Narutaki has shown to have the ability to transform into one of the past enemy generals from each Kamen Rider series.



Narutaki is protected by an aura that renders him immune to the convergence of the ten worlds. He also has the ability to move freely between the worlds and summon Riders from other worlds.

As Colonel Zol, he armed with whip. Unlike the original Zol, Narutaki as Zol does not transform into Inhumanoid Golden Wolfman in the movie due to his lack of cybernetic implants. When Tsukasa is revived after his voluntary destruction, he, Yusuke, Kaito, and Natsumi turn into their rider forms to fight against Zol and his army. When Doras goes on a rampage and Zol is knocked out of his way, he reverts back to Narutaki and flees.

Golden Wolfman

In S.I.C. Hero Saga, Narutaki had shown his Golden Wolfman (黄金狼男 Ōgon Ōkami Otoko) form in the World of OOO.

As Doktor G, he wields an axe and a shield in battle and is able to assume the form of Kani Laser.

Kani Laser

A Mechanical Army-type Destron Inhumanoid Kani Laser (カニレーザー Kani Rēzā) is stronger than the original version, Kani Laser, resisting against the combined forces of various Sentai members and Riders, including Kamen Rider V3 himself, who defeated his previous incarnation. However, he was defeated by Decade, Ryuki and Blade via the Goseiger's Reflect Cards. When the name KaniGani Beam translate from Japanese to English, it means CrabCrab Beam.

Wild Card Rider Summons

Similar to Diend, Narutaki possesses the ability to summon Riders, Kiva-la can seemingly do this as well to follow his bidding. However, while Diend summons manifestations of Riders via Rider Cards utilized in the Diendriver, Narutaki summons them by shifting dimensions, either transporting them to the dimension where his target (Decade) is or sending his target to their dimension as prey. Narutaki summons Dark-type Riders who are naturally hostile so as to deal with Decade, as an alternative to manipulating kinder-hearted Riders into believing Decade as a threat to them. PunchHopper, Kaixa, and Ryuga were all killed in their respective series, thus why they are alive again is a mystery, as they appear to be their original selves and not alternate counterparts.

Behind the scenes


Narutaki is portrayed by Tatsuhito Okuda (奥田 達士 Okuda Tatsuhito). The suit actor of his Kani Laser form in Super Hero Taisen has not been identified.



  • Narutaki calls himself an "ally to the Kamen Riders" and seems to be on better terms with Tsukasa. Although Narutaki never really hated Riders before, he was willing to go against them if it meant taking down Decade, while here watching Decade fighting alongside them somehow makes him put away all his past grievances. It is also somewhat ironic to his claim that he had battled other riders, aside from Decade, while he was in the disguise of two Shocker members (Colonel Zol and Doktor G respectively).

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