This article is about a/an villain form used by several identities in Kamen Rider W.
Nazca Dopant

Nasca Dopant

The Nasca Dopant (ナスカ・ドーパント Nasuka Dōpanto) is a Nazca Lines-themed Dopant whose form is used by three different users.


  • The first user, Kirihiko Sudo used the gold Nasca Gaia Memory with a Gaia Driver to transform into the Nasca Dopant.
  • The second user, Kirihiko's widow, Saeko Sonozaki, took the Memory from him after she killed him, and later used it to become the Dopant form's more powerful R Nasca Dopant form until the memory's destruction by ClayDoll Xtreme.
  • The third user was a person who found the T2 Nasca Memory and was forcibly transformed into the Nasca Dopant until it was ejected from him by Kamen Rider Accel.

All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2

Nazca Dopant AKRG

Nasca Dopant in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2.

The Nasca Dopant appears as a monster in the video game All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2.

Nasca Dopants & Forms

As a Dopant of a Gold Memory, the Nasca Dopant is more powerful than basic Dopants. It is an expert swordsman, with its main weapon being the Nasca Blade (ナスカブレード Nasuka Burēdo) which it uses to great effect. It is also able to fly with its Nasca Wings.

Level 2

When Kirihiko goes into secret training and reaches Level 2, his Dopant form gains immense speed. Unfortunately upon reaching this new level Kirihiko was dying from near-lethal side effects.

R Nasca Dopant


R Nasca Dopant

The R Nasca Dopant (Rナスカ・ドーパント Āru Nasuka Dōpanto) is the Level 3 form of the Nasca Dopant. This form is used by Saeko after using an L.C.O.G on herself to form a Living Connector. When transforming, the Dopant form goes from its original appearance to its more powerful form. This form is now an orangish-red and moves at greater speed with more strength than its previous levels, the Nasca Wings turning a purplish color. The name is a reference to both the color of the form and Saeko's desire for revenge against Wakana and her father.


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