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Natsumi Miwa (三輪 夏美) is Kamen Rider Larc (仮面ライダーラルク Kamen Raidā Raruku, Masked Rider Larc), a Rider who appeared exclusively in Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace.


In the movie, she is the replacement of Kamen Rider Chalice for the team's long range fighter.

Miwa originally applied as an office worker, but was berated by the boss. As a result, she knocked him out after having enough of his words. She was handpicked, along with Shin Magaki (Kamen Rider Lance), by Shimura Junichi (Kamen Rider Glaive) to become the New Generation Riders for BOARD to capture the Undead released by the Albino Joker. She is armed with the L'arc Rouzer, a crossbow. Her weapon is based on the Garren Rouser and the Chalice Arrow. Her primary finisher is Ray Bullet, a supercharged energy arrow. She was killed by the Albino Joker shortly after all the Category King Undeads had been resealed.

Kamen Rider Larc


Kamen Rider Larc

Larc transforms using a copy of the Change Kerberos Rouze Card in conjunction with the Larc Buckle, which utilizes the Open Up system from Leangle. Her long-range abilities make her the replacement of Chalice.

Larc's Deck comprises of two artificial cards that were developed after the Albino Joker released half of the 53 Undead, which includes the Beetle and Spider Undeads. Developed by B.O.A.R.D.'s new chief, Sakuya Tachibana, with the help of Junichi Shimura, for the next generation Kamen Riders to compensate for the absence of Blade, Leangle and Chalice.

Card Card Rouzer announcement Effects

Change Keroberos


Change Kerberos


Initiates the Kamen Rider transformation when inserted into the Larc Buckle. Unlike the other Change cards, the Change Keroberos card is a prototype Rouze card created by Tennoji. In the movie's storyline, Junichi obtains the card and made one artificial copy for Natsumi.

Mighty Ray


Mighty Ray

"MIGHTY" Her attack card, initiates Ray Bullet, which is the equivalent of Kamen Rider Garren's Category 2, Bullet Armadillo and the Chalice Arrow; but has the power of Garren's Burning Shot..

Behind the scenes


Natsumi Miwa is portrayed by Yoko Mitsuya (三津谷 葉子 Mitsuya Yoko). As Kamen Rider Larc, her Suit Actor was Yuuki Ono (小野 友紀 Ono Yuuki).


  • Natsumi is the second official female Rider in the Kamen Rider Franchise.
  • Larc suffered the same fate as her Female Rider predecessors (Tackle & Femme) and died.
  • Sometimes, Natsumi's Rider alias is spelled as Lark (due to the kana used) or L'arc (due to her name coming from a French term).
    • "L'Arc" is French for "the bow".