This article is about a/an villain in Saban's Masked Rider.
Saban Nefaria
Gender: Female
Series: Masked Rider
Villain Type: General
Homeworld: unknown
First Appearance: A Friend in Need (1)
Last Appearance: The Invasion of Leawood
Number of Episode
3 (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
40 (Masked Rider)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Jennifer Tung

A human-looking female in black-and-red armor. Nefaria uses the yellow feather on her helmet as a weapon or to write messages. She hardly goes into battle and is often seen on Earth giving commands. Nefaria has sometimes flirted with Dregon, but she's often ignored. Sometimes, Nefaria accompanies any monster in the Supernatural category. Her eyes regularly glow bright red, and she has an extremely sinister laugh.

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