This article is about a/an Mirror Monster in Kamen Rider Ryuki.
Episodes: Ouja's Secret
Kamen Rider Ryuki: Ryuki vs Kamen Rider Agito
Battle Trial: Ryuki World
Season: Kamen Rider Ryuki
Height: 245 cm
Weight: 135 kg
Actor: Yoshimasa Chida

Negazelle (ネガゼール Negazeēru, 24): A Gazelle/Cape Buffalo-type Zelle that could move very fast and had a blade on each arm. It interfered in the fight between Ouja & Knight Survive. This monster was killed by Knight Surivive's Shippu Dan. Negazelle appeared in Shinji's dream during the Hyper Video special, among those destroyed by Zolda's End of World.

Kamen Rider Decade

In the World of Ryuki, a Negazelle appears summoned by Kamen Rider Imperer in the Kamen Rider Trial. Battle Trial: Ryuki World

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