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This article is about a/an rider in Kamen Rider Hibiki.
Kamen Rider Nishiki
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Hibiki
Motif: Oni/Tiger/Triangle
Rider Type: Hero
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Kamen Rider Hibiki & The Seven Senki
Last Appearance: Kamen Rider Hibiki & The Seven Senki
Number of Episode
1 (Movies)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Masaki Kitahara
Kamen Rider Nishiki 1

Kamen Rider Nishiki (仮面ライダー西鬼 Kamen Raidā Nishiki, lit. "Masked Rider Western Demon") is a tiger-themed Oni Kamen Rider in the movie, Kamen Rider Hibiki & The Seven Senki.


He is a thief Oni who loves money, Nishiki is often caught in situations leading people to believe he is a criminal. He refused to join the Oni group at first until tricked in believing there's buried treasure in the village they're saving. Though after learning it was a trick when Kabuki stole his Ongeki Sankaku - Ressetsu to framed Nishiki by killing one of Kabuki's victims at night, he along with other six Onis leaving, until he returns in the final battle.

Being a thief, Nishiki loves money and treasure. He is a very energetic man, which may sometimes lead to some of his hotheadedness. He is also the only Oni that can speak in the Kansai-ben dialect.


  • Henshin Onsa -  Onkaku (変身音叉・音角 Transformation Tuning Fork: Sound Angle): A clear red tuning fork transformation device.
    • Meitō -  Onsaken (鳴刀・音叉剣 Echo Sword: Tuning Fork Sword): The Onkaku's sword form.
  • Ongekiko (音撃鼓 Sound Attack Drum): A taiko buckle.
  • Ongeki Sankaku - Ressetsu (音撃三角・烈節 Sound Attack Triangle: Raging Section): A three-section-staff Ongeki weapon that can fold into a triangle .


  • Ongeki Kyō: Irasshai (音撃響・偉羅射威 Sound Attack Reverberation: Welcome): Ongeki Finisher. Nishiki takes his Onkaku tuning fork and strikes his Sankaku Ressetsu with it on one side, creating a wave of yellow energy shaped like a triangle. This is done multiple times before the enemy is defeated.



  • He is the first rider to be a thief, followed by Daiki Kaito.

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