This article is about a/an rider-like character in Kamen Rider Decade.
For the original Shadow Moon, see Nobuhiko Akizuki.

Nobuhiko Tsukikage (月影 ノブヒコ Tsukikage Nobuhiko), also known as Shadow Moon (シャドームーン Shadō Mūn), was an alternate reality version of the original Shadow Moon of Kamen Rider BLACK. Unlike the original Nobuhiko, this Shadow Moon had no known relation to the alternate reality Kohtaro Minami.

Nobuhiko was a butler who took care of Sayo, Tsukasa Kadoya's sister and convinced her to become High Priestess Bishium as part of his plan to take over Great Shocker. Once Tsukasa was ousted as leader, Nobuhiko took over the organization, calling himself the Creation King.

After the return of all the Riders, Nobuhiko, as Shadow Moon stepped in to fight Kamen Riders Decade and Kuuga Rising Ultimate personally. Thanks to the intervention of a passing-through Kamen Rider Double, Shadow Moon was slammed into a wall of the Great Shocker tower, before being defeated by an All-Rider-Kick.

Behind the scenes


Nobuhiko Tsukikage is portrayed by Ryuichi Oura (大浦 龍宇一 Ōura Ryūichi). As Shadow Moon, his suit actor was Jiro Okamoto (岡元 次郎 Okamoto Jirō).


Nobuhiko shares the same name with Nobuhiko Akizuki, the original Shadow Moon from Kamen Rider Black, while his surname "Tsukikage" literally translates into "Moonlight", though when the kanji are translated separately, it becomes "Moon Shadow", a reference to Shadow Moon.


  • Unlike his original counterpart, Tsukikage can transform into Shadow Moon or revert to his human form at will.