This article is about a/an Makamou in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

Oonamazu (オオナマズ 17 & 18): The giant type Makamou that resembles a catfish and an angler, raised in underground lakes and sewers. It was based from Shinonome's drainage system, guided by its parents so it can shoot it stomach out to grab its prey. Ibuki and Kasami tracked the Oonamazu down, with Ibuki stalling Oonamazu's stomach, until Hibiki arrived with his Reppa. Though Hibiki is suited for the job, Ibuki took to fighting the monster, using his Shippuu Issen to reacting to the Onishi he shot into the stomach before it retracted back into the monster, causing Oonamazu to blow up from the inside-out.

During the start of Orochi, an Oonamazu's stomach appeared at Higashichichibu, destroyed by Todoroki's Raiden Gekishin

Douji and Hime

Douji and Hime of Oonamazu The first of the pairs to appear in an urban environment, they cornered prey for their child, using their stepping as a homing beacon to attract Oonamazu to its prey. As they possess a hydro-vascular system, they can shoot water from their mouths. The mustached Douji, who tends to walk on all fours, was destroyed by Ibuki's Senpuujin while the Hime was mortally wounded by Ibuki's Onidume, summoning her child as her final act so it could avenge its parents.