This article is about a/an Makamou in Kamen Rider Hibiki.
Douji & Hime of Otoroshi
Episodes: A Squirming Evil Heart
The Oni Who Stands in Line
Ferocious Demons
Season: Kamen Rider Hibiki
Height: 1180 cm
Weight: 9062.7 kg

Otoroshi (オトロシ Otoroshi): A giant type Makamou with the feature of a tortoise and a rhinoceros. It has a rock-like shell, a rhinoceros horn, and can use its feet as jets to fly up to 660 kilometers per hour which leaves massive amounts of smoke as an aftereffect. It appears every 100 years to feed, appearing at Chichibu in the guise of a boulder. Otoroshi's weak points were the eyes on its shell, which were blasted to bits by Ibuki before Hibiki's Gouka Renbu form finished it off.

During the start of Orochi, an Otoroshi appeared at Higashichichibu. It came close to killing Todoroki until it was blasted to bits by Ibuki's Shippuu Issen.

Douji and Hime


Douji & Hime of Otoroshi Higashichichibu

Douji & Hime of Otoroshi The oldest of the Douji/Hime pairs, they finally awaken after a century to feed the Ororoshi at Chichibu. The two are rock-hard and are as equally strong, facing both Hibiki and Ibuki. Douji was killed by Hibiki's RekkaDan at the same time Hime was taken out by Ibuki's Reppuu. A second pair were created by the Black Puppet to track down and destroy the Midaredouji. Just as Hibiki and Ibuki joined the fray, the Hime was being devoured by the Midaredouji as Hibiki's RekkaDan destroyed her and wounded the Douji, who was weaken enough to be maul to death by Akira's Disc Animals.


  • It is similar to the monster the monster Gamera, considering both are either tortoises or turtles, as well both of them being Daikaiju, and both can fly similarly.

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