This article is about a/an villain in Kamen Rider 555.

The Professor (教授 Kyōju), better known as the Owl Orphnoch (オウルオルフェノク Ouru Orufenoku), is an instructor at the Yamanote Music University. As an Orphnoch he was armed with a huge claws and could emit black gas as a smokescreen.

He targeted the best of his students, as he saw humans unfit to have such talent greater than his own, and that those who sought to live by the talents of their hands should live harsh lives. It was because of his acts that Kaido's musical talent had been destroyed, cutting his motorcycle's brake line so he crashed before running over his hand.

After one incident, Faiz fought with him, but he used a smokescreen to escape the Faiz Shot's Grand Impact. When Yuka realized the truth and told Kiba, he attacked the Professor in his own Horse Orphnoch form. The Owl Orphnoch tried using another smokescreen to obscure his attack, but Kiba hit him with his sword anyway, destroying him.