This article is about a/an Support Robot in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
"Gachan! Level Up! Mighty Jump! Mighty Kick! Mighty, Mighty Action X! A Gacha! Pac Pac Pakku Adventure! (Yo!) Pakku! Pakku! (Hey!) Pac-Man!"
―Transformation announcement with Ex-Aid's Gamer Driver[src]

Pac Gamer (パックゲーマー Pakku Gēmā) is a support robot which is accessed by Kamen Rider Ex-Aid with the Pac Adventure Gashat, fusing with him to access Pac Action Gamer.


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Receiving the Pac Adventure Gashat from "Dr. Pac-Man", Kamen Rider Ex-Aid assumed the Pac Gamer to engage the Kamen Riders summoned by Genm's Ganbarizing Gashat. Finding himself pursued in the Game Area by Kamen Rider Double, Ex-Aid turned the tables on his opponent when he reached a Power Pellet which turned Double into a vulnerable ghost, allowing Ex-Aid to fight back and eventually defeat the Rider with Pac Adventure's Critical Strike. However, for reasons unknown, a Game Clear message did not appear. Part. II: Legend Gamer Stage


Rider Gashat


  • Pac-Critical Strike (パッククリティカルストライク Pakku-Kuritikaru Sutoraiku): Ex-Aid leaps at the enemy and generates a giant energy Pac-Man which bites down on the target and causes an explosion.Part. II: Legend Gamer Stage


  • The Pac Gamer is a remake of the Robot Gamer.
    • Though the Pac Gamer's Level has not been officially identified, its prop is noted as being made from a Level 3 Gamer.
  • The Pac Gamer prop, specifically the gloves, would be repurposed to create Ex-Aid's Double Fighter Gamer.