This article is about a/an ally in Saban's Masked Rider.

Patsy is a spoiled brat that thinks the world should revolve around her. Patsy always lies to further enhance her reputation as the most popular girl. Patsy is condescending towards the Stewarts and thinks they're all weird, and often rivals with Molly. However, she does seem to have a soft spot for Dex, occasionally flirting with him.

After Molly "stole" the lead in the school play from Patsy, and drew the attention of Bobby Brigmore, Patsy recruited Herbie to help her prank Molly in revenge. They set up a bucket of green slime in her garage, but Molly had to help her mother pack up for a catering job and wouldn't come over. When Dex landed on Earth, the tremors made Patsy stumble over the tripwire, dumping the slime all over herself and Herbie.Escape from Edenoi