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Period with Tears
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 38
Period of Tears
Air date July 9, 2017
Written by Yuya Takahashi
Directed by Satoshi Morota
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Goodbye Me!

Period with Tears (涙のperiod Namida no Perioddo) is the thirty-eighth episode of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. It features Hiiro Kagami's defection from Masamune Dan, thus returning to CR. It also features the final appearance of Saki Momose.


Graphite mercilessly attacked the body of Taiga which forced him out of his transformation! The injured Taiga has been rushed to the hospital immediately, but there is a high possibility that his heart has been damaged. Moreover, it seems that it would take an expert-level of surgical expertise in order to save his life. After returning to Masamune, Hiiro's father and Asuna make an urgent phone call. The director asks Hiiro to perform Taiga's surgical operation. Just what decision will Hiiro come to in the end?


Taiga suffers from severe hemorrhaging after being mercilessly defeated by Graphite. He was transferred to Seito Hospital with Nico distraught over Taiga. Haima then calls Emu to ask about Taiga's condition, Emu said that Taiga's blood pressure is really low and his pulse is weakening before he rejoined the doctors. Shortly, the operation starts at 7:45 PM with Emu as the main surgeon at first. Since Taiga has massive internal bleeding, his vital organs (especially his heart) are a mess. A doctor commented that only Hiiro is capable enough to operate on Taiga for such a delicate procedure, which Emu reluctantly agrees on. On the other side, at the waiting room, Asuna tries to console Nico, to no avail.

Meanwhile, at Genm Corp Head office, Hiiro recalls about the previous events when suddenly his father calls him. Haima desperately ordered his son to come operate on Taiga ASAP. But, before Hiiro even replies, Masamune ends the call abruptly. Although what Masamune orders to Hiiro is still unknown at this point, he does return to Seito to operate on Taiga.

At CR, Kuroto and Kiriya reluctantly joined forces and analyze about what happened if Parado is deleted. Kuroto finally deduced that his father is right. If Parado is about to be deleted, Emu will become unable to access Hyper Muteki, which in return erases their only chance to stop Kamen Rider Chronicle and Cronus. They finally decide to help Parado out, which at the point was attacked by Cronus along with Graphite.

Graphite manages to inject Cronus' Buggle Driver II with the Gemdeus virus, in hope to make Cronus unable to access 'Pause'. But, to their shock, Cronus prepares his second ace in his sleeves: a case of modified Energy items that only work on him. Using Muscle Up and Iron Body Energy items, Cronus easily defeats Parado and Graphite, thus canceling their transformations. Just when Cronus is able to finish them, Lazer Turbo and Genm break in and help their escape. Cronus still manages to overpower them, and even took another of Genm's lives. Cronus then explained that he ordered Hiiro to sabotage Taiga's operation. Since he knew that the operation is really difficult for any surgeon, no one will blame Hiiro if he failed. If not, Cronus is going to delete Saki's data permanently. Kiriya and Kuroto are fed up with Cronus' god complex and continue their attack, only for Kuroto to order Kiriya to hurry and tell the CR. Kuroto states he could use his continues with no problem for now to keep Cronus busy, which Kiriya agrees with and flees.

Back at CR, Kiriya arrived at the waiting room and tells a shocked Haima. After Kiriya tells the info about Masamune's plan, Nico screams in anger. She then tries to go into the operating room, only to be held back by Asuna. Nico starts rambling wildly about Hiiro sabotaging the operation to save Saki. Emu manages to calm Nico down by asking her to believe in Hiiro. Emu, being an optimist, believes that Hiiro would never do things like that. Emu then decides to chase after Masamune. On the other hand, Hiiro recalls about Taiga who indirectly guided him many times. But, Masamune's orders make Hiiro unable to focus and dropped his scissors. But, he decided to continue the operation anyway.

Meanwhile, Cronus managed to take 23 of Kuroto's lives just as Emu arrives. Kuroto retreats as Emu is left alone with Masamune. Emu is about to transform into Muteki Gamer, but Masamune threatens to delete Saki's data if he is about to transform. Emu becomes hesitant to transform and Masamune uses this chance to trample Emu with his feet and stating that Hiiro will experience his first failure, either Taiga or Saki will live and the other will die and be lost forever. Masamune laughs and Emu wonders if Masamune is actually a human or a devil. Just when Masamune is about to transform, Hiiro joins the fray.

Masamune then asks Hiiro if the operation went well or "wrong", and to Emu's surprise and relief, Hiiro decided to save Taiga at last. Hiiro explained that as the best doctor in the world, he'll never ignore the lives of those in front of him. In dismay, Masamune then deletes Saki's data in front of them, but Hiiro manages to stay strong and asks Emu to fight together once more, which Emu complies. They transformed into Muteki Gamer and Legacy Gamer respectively and fight Cronus, whom despite the usage of the Iron Body energy item, loses the fight and flees.

Emu cancels his transformation and apologizes as he was unable to save Saki. Upon Hiiro's request, Emu leaves him and says that he will wait for him back at CR. After Emu leaves, Hiiro cancels his transformation and starts to cry since he lost his last chance to save Saki as rain starts pouring down on him....

Back at Seito, Taiga regained consciousness and Emu explained everything that happened to him, with Nico overjoyed upon hearing it. Hiiro says that his wish did come true (to become the best doctor at Saki's behest) which Taiga understands. And then, they rekindle and reconcile their relationship as comrades and apologize to each other for their previous mistakes and hostility towards each other.


Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Rider Gashat

Energy Items

  • Energy Items Used:
    • Cronus
      • Muscular, Iron-Body (2x)
    • Unused
      • Speeding-Up, Instigate, High-Jump, Recover, Shrink, Giant, Invisible, Confusion, Liquefaction, Dark, Sleep, Reflect, Fortune, Flatten, Balloon-Body, Gag, Fascination, Partner, Prediction, Halt, The End


  • to be added


EA SYNG Screen
Energy Item case
Taiga scan
  • Cronus's Energy Item Case is a remodeled of O Medal Holder. Furthermore, he throws Energy Items to himself much like Ankh threw Core Medals to Eiji Hino.
  • Asuna does not transform into Poppy Pipopapo throughout this entire episode.
  • Taiga's scan is curiously dated May 30th 2017, over a month behind this episode's airdate.

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