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Power Out
Saban's Masked Rider, Episode 27
Air date July 27, 1996
Episode Guide
Showdown at Leawood High
Saturday Morning Invasion

Power Out is the twenty-seventh episode of Saban's Masked Rider.


An explosion in Leawood Canyon leads Dex into a trap, where the Boulder Beetle monster begins to sap the Masked Rider powers out of him via negative proton rays. If that's not bad enough, Doubleface has a War Saber and a Reptosect monster waiting to finish him off, and Dex is missing Albee's recital!


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Form Changes


  • This is the last episode to directly air on Fox Kids. Starting with the next one, they all air in broadcast syndication.


  • During the second battle with Reptosect, Dex summons the Ecto-Ray but calls for the Electro Sabre while in Super Gold.
    • This would happen again in the episode Race Against Time, but with Dex in Super Blue.

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